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Sixth Sense Kiss (키스 식스 센스) is a romantic fantasy Korean drama series directed by Nam Ki-hoon and stars Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Ji-suk, and Hwang Bo-ra alongside other actors. The series has 12 episodes, each lasting around an hour. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name by Gatnyeo.

Disney+ describes the series as follows:

Hong Ye-sool, account manager at Zeu Ad, is progressing at work. However, she has a secret: she can see the future when she kisses someone.

– Kiss Sixth Sense review contains spoilers –

Sixth Sense Kiss Episode 1

Still from Kiss Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense Kiss Episode 1 begins with Hong Ye-sool seeming to have a sixth sense of things, or at least his weather forecast seems to indicate so. She’s an AE, the head of her office’s publicity department, and it seems everyone around her is somewhat aware of her sixth sense – her boss is even giving her a good talk thanks to a poorly done publicity, mentioning why her sixth sense didn’t warn her that it was coming.

Regardless, Ye-sool is very confident in her abilities both in terms of work and her sixth sense abilities. Her workplace is nothing short of a war zone, like, I guess, everyone’s workplace when it comes to Korean drama! Cha Min-hu isn’t an easy boss to be around either – he’s the best at the job but he’s also extremely tough on his employees. It’s also worth noting that he hands over his credit card (or company credit card?) whenever Ye-sool gets agitated. It’s all the more interesting that Ye-sool has learned to be exactly like Min-hu with his subordinates.

The ability of Ye-sool, or sixth sense, is that she can predict a person’s future if her lips touch someone’s body. She learned this when she was a child and she kissed her sick parent’s hand and saw their dark future. From then on, it kept happening over and over again and it affected her relationship with everyone as well as her social life immensely. But, at this point, she has more than accepted her fate and resigned herself to the fact that kissing people is mostly irrelevant to her!

Also, for some reason, she can’t stop drinking energy drinks and coffee, even though, apparently, she can die from drinking. Although her doctor and Min-hu repeatedly ask her to rest, she continues to push herself, which causes her nasty nosebleeds and myriad health problems. That and the fact that she made him work as a life partner leads to some very predictable issues. It’s sad, honestly, because you know she wants to be with someone, but this naughty sixth sense issue has really ruined her as a person.

But, Ye-sool is really good at her job and we see that again and again. From managing Oh Ji-young to creating presentations and being there with Min-hu every step of the way. Speaking for Min-hu, Sixth Sense Kiss episode 1 gives the hint that Ye-sool might have a crush on him, thanks to their close collaboration and similarity in more ways than one. During a production misstep, she bumps into Min-hu, as she usually stumbles all over the place, and once her lips touch him, she sees them romantically together – a future she’s unsure of. to agree !

Sixth Sense Kiss Episode 2

sixth sense kiss
Still from Kiss Sixth Sense

The sexual tension between Min-hu and Ye-sool was pretty evident from the last episode and that sixth sense only adds fuel to the fire. It seems Min-hu also saw something in similar veins and just asks Ye-sool not to dig too deep. He looks visibly bored and confused and ignoring the subject just makes him look guilty.

I don’t know if the show is trying to hide the fact that Min-hu might also have a sense of seeing the future (or keeping it ambiguous), but it just seems somewhat apparent at this point. You sense the awkwardness and tension between the two the day after the fatal kiss, but Ye-sool wonders if it can come true, given that Min-hu had a scar in his vision that he doesn’t have now.

Min-hu’s powers, meanwhile, seem to follow super hearing and sight more? But apparently kissing also has similar effects on him like Ye-sool. They don’t really spell out his powers and I’m sure we can see more of that later. Either way, Min-hu saves the day after the gruesome shooting and promises to help Ye-sool continue her work, going against her boss’s warnings. But, of course, even when things go off without a hitch, they don’t.

After a homeless man goes to the pop-up store and causes a ruckus, Min-hu gets injured and ends up in the hospital, getting this scar on his back. Well, that just means the future is coming into Ye-sool’s life sooner than she thought! As she goes to drop him off at home, it causes a flurry of future events involving some very steamy times that leaves her shocked and confused.

Kiss Sixth Sense Review (Episode 1 & 2)

sixth sense kiss
Still from Kiss Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense Kiss, even though with an extremely interesting premise and a promise of more interesting things to come, doesn’t really leave much of an impact. I say this because the first two episodes are just filled with filler that isn’t shocking or humorous. The show’s attempt at humor is honestly boring, and the conflict-inducing scenes feel forced and uninteresting. For example, take the homeless debacle – that’s a really big deal and I think giving Min-hu a scar on his back could have been done in a lot of other ways.

Either way, I liked the leads – Ye-sool and Min-hu’s chemistry and sexual tension are quite delightful to watch and promise more drama. I was more intrigued to discover their physical ailments, which worried me more than the random bum who wants to sleep in a bed. I wonder why there was no security at the event? Additionally, the desktop scenes make up for a lot of the runtime, and almost all of the scenes revolve around the desktop. It makes sense since our protagonists are workaholics.

However, these scenes feel a little too much after a certain point. With episodes longer than 60 minutes, you want to watch something more interesting. Or maybe something else to change. Also, the character of Oh Ji-young is so boring and seems so pointless that I couldn’t help but cringe every time she was on screen.

With a running time of 12 episodes, airing two episodes per week, the series really needs to go from strength to strength if it is to retain any interest in the content. The promise of hot sex between hot and cold co-workers is barely enough to do that!

Sixth Sense Kiss is streaming on StarDisney+.

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