Women entrepreneurs trained in SMM, SEO and marketing policy design


To help women entrepreneurs leverage the digital space to boost their business, the Lightshore Foundation held a workshop on social media marketing in Barishal.

Conducted in partnership with Manobi, the largest women’s association in southern Bangladesh, the workshop provided hands-on training for women entrepreneurs on how they can manage digital marketing in a feasible and viable way, UNB reports.

A total of 30 participants were guided on search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), creating engaging content and designing marketing policies, Afsana Mim, founder of Manobi.

“If women entrepreneurs are equipped with the required grooming on social media-based marketing, they will be able to apply these strategies to increase their sales repeatedly,” said Nazmus Sakib, Associate Director of Programming Hero.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is crucial for entrepreneurs in this era and female entrepreneurs outside of Dhaka city don’t have many ideas about digital marketing.

“Our workshop is therefore a timely stopover and vessel to deliver products to their customers across the country,” said Sultana Razia, co-founder of Lightshore.

“This session was so innovative! If I manage to implement the marketing knowledge I learned during this session, our displayed or sold product will easily reach the target customers,” said Farah Diba, one of the participants.


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