Weirdest golfing moment of 2021, according to subject matter expert


Bryson DeChambeau had a great time with an assistant and an umbrella throughout the month of January.

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Kyle Porter understands that what keeps him entertained about the 2021 golf season won’t necessarily keep you entertained. But he also knows there is a good chance that is the case.

“It’s subjective, isn’t it? Porter said on the Drop Zone podcast this week. “The things that mattered to you, me and Dylan might not matter to my dad. “

With the release of his e-book A Normal Sport, Porter has become something of a modern-day historian, cataloging what he considers to be the most relevant moments of the 2021 PGA Tour season. But what “matters” has more to do with the entertaining minutiae and ridicule of the sport as a whole than with, say, who finished in the top 10 in any given week.

To research the book, Porter scoured the web for some memorable moments, but also explained that he uses Twitter as a repository for the game’s most hilarious moments. is a modern day piece of work, with engaging artwork, online personality names, and even hyperlinks to good stuff, like Si Woo Kim and Charl Schwartzel sharing a extremely awkward handshake to master’s degree.

In other words, Porter (whose 75,000 Twitter followers often send him screenshots of various bizarre moments with the caption “normal sport”) has become somewhat of an expert on what it means to be entertaining in golf. professional. We squeezed Porter for the strangest moment he has encountered during his deep dive in 2021. He took us through January to reveal the answer.

“As for the things that as I kept coming back, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this has happened,’ the one that stood out the most, because I did. had completely forgotten, was Bryson running an umbrella guy with his ball in Kapalua, ”Porter said. “He was trying to shield his ball from the wind, which is just an absurd thing but also a very Bryson thing to do.”

Oh yes. Umbrella guy. Never since Dealey Plaza in November 1963 has so much speculation surrounded a mysterious man holding an umbrella. The incident in question occurred during the Tournament of Champions, where Bryson DeChambeau and then-caddy Tim Tucker were rolling putts and testing… something. As DeChambeau threw the putt, another member of Team Bryson walked alongside the ball, a large Cobra umbrella in hand, presumably blocking the ball from the effects of the wind.

“There was so much Bryson,” Porter said of his record of the year. “I entered into this reflection [Jordan] Spieth would kind of be the guideline for the whole year because of the roller coaster and everything he’s been in, but Bryson was the guideline. From the very beginning to the Ryder Cup.

He recounted some of DeChambeau’s other highlights, from the UFO sightings to bullets struck in the dark in his rockstar moment in Bay Hill to the net incident in Harbor Town.

For the rest of Porter’s choices, from extra hilarity to poignant moments and lasting lessons, listen to the Drop Zone on Apple Podcasts here, on Spotify, or by clicking the player below.

Porter’s book, A Normal Sport, can also be had at – and he surprised us with a special discount code, so plug in DROPZONE at checkout for a few dollars off. Thanks for listening!

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