Twitter now labels and reduces the visibility of tweets linked to Russian state media


The micro-blogging platform Twitter will label and reduce the visibility of tweets linked to Russian state media in an attempt to stifle the country’s propaganda.

CNN tech reporter Brian Fung posted an example of the tag that would be added to tweets that link to certain sites like Russia Today and Sputnik.

Twitter users can bring articles to the attention of their followers, but the social media site can modify its algorithm to reduce the spread of such tweets when it deems it necessary.

The company noted that the “overwhelming majority” of tweets containing the state-sponsored content were shared by individuals and not by the accounts operated by those outlets. About 45,000 tweets were sent per day by these individual accounts, according to the company.

Facebook and Google recently blocked Russian state media from appearing in Ukraine at the behest of that country’s government. Both platforms have also banned public organizations from monetizing and profiting from advertisements anywhere in the world.

Russia has called the efforts censorship and threatened to strangle Facebook in its country while Twitter has previously reported disruptions to its access.

Many heroic Ukrainian efforts to resist Russian invaders have gone viral on social media and inspired admiration from onlookers around the world. On the other side of the coin, Russia was caught trying to use social media to spread false information about its invasion of Ukraine.

Technology expert Ritesh Kotak told CTV News that Russia has passed laws to make social media companies more vulnerable to state censorship.

“The problem with misinformation is that it’s so easy to plant and spread now thanks to the internet and how connected we are,” Kotak said.

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