TrueName ™ Customers Say Descriptive Domains Key To Dominating Search Engine Rankings


Blake janover, founder and CEO of fintech Janover Ventures, has built a solid foundation for his websites, such as multifamily loans, starting with a descriptive domain name and using a logical organization to back it up with content focused on related keywords, as well as strong technical SEO practices.

“The SEO benefits of a highly targeted, high quality, responsive website linked to a descriptive domain turned out to be a powerful strategy that we were able to duplicate multiple times,” says Janover. “Many of our other properties follow a similar formula and as such we have succeeded in creating one of the most comprehensive and complex commercial financing networks in the world. “

In 2020, Janover saw 1 million unique visitors to its websites, mostly organic traffic generated by SEO, and saw a 184% growth in its business. and are two other TrueName customer SEO success stories. Bradley Nehring, co-founder of South America Travel, explains, “We are number one with our .travel domain, so it’s no surprise that the number of visits to the site has increased significantly.

Jeff pike, owner of TBB Motorcycle Adventures, comments, “Thailand Motorcycle Tours is a series of high ranking keywords and having ‘tours’ in the URL describes the purpose of our business. results.”

“We are delighted to see so many of our clients gain greater visibility online by using descriptive domains as the cornerstones of their SEO strategies,” says Mina Neuberg, CMO of TrueName domains. “Their websites appear on the first page of search results for their main keywords, and people who browse the Internet are more likely to click because they immediately know who they are and what they are doing.”

TrueName domains also offer customers the benefit of phishing protection by removing known homoglyphs from their names from the pool of available domains. The company also offers List of Protected Domains Trademarks (DPML) program, which gives big brands more control over their brands across all top level domains in the Donuts portfolio.

For more information or to register a descriptive domain, contact one of Donuts Inc.’s many registrars. the partners.

About TrueName

TrueName is the global leader in descriptive domains, offering a diverse portfolio with over 245 top-level domains, such as .live, .email, .guru, .social, and .restaurant. TrueName enables customers to cost-effectively build a personal branding tool to better market their digital identity with more memorable domain names that improve search engine rankings. Plus, they can be confident that their domain names are extremely secure against the growing number of hacking and phishing attacks with the protection of TrueName’s advanced, built-in and patented anti-phishing technology. TrueName is a global brand owned by Donuts Inc., headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with international offices on four continents. For more information, please visit

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