Top 10 Shopify SEO Apps and Tools to Boost Organic Rankings


Setting up and optimizing a Shopify store is faster than ever, thanks to the creation of SEO apps and tools that integrate easily with this popular ecommerce platform.

Studies have shown that the first organic search result in Google will have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 28.5%. The second place search result drops to a 15% CTR, with each additional ranking showing a smaller CTR from there.

Appearing at the top of search engine results pages is essential if you want your Shopify store and products to be chosen by motivated buyers.

In this column, you will find SEO tools and apps that can help you better position your business in search, regardless of your business size or budget.

Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO involves the incorporation of keywords into titles, meta descriptions, landing pages, and internal links. It also includes technical SEO elements like page speed, schema markup, rich snippets, and site architecture.

Since most ecommerce businesses have hundreds or even thousands of products, manual optimization can be overwhelming.


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Good SEO for Shopify starts with choosing the right theme and then implementing tools and apps to help you.

Whether you are new to SEO or a professional, there are many SEO apps that can act as an extension of your team and will increase your optimization skills and ability.

Here are 10 Shopify SEO apps and tools you’ll want to check out.

10 Shopify SEO apps and tools

1. Referencing of plugins

Price: Free plan, 14 day free trial, $ 20 / month advanced plan

Overview: SEO plugin offers an all-in-one solution that helps you organize all your SEO optimizations, helps you track search rankings, and can help you implement the right recommendations to drive more relevant traffic to your website. .

Features include:

  • Templates for modifying meta descriptions and title tags.
  • 404 error page notifications.
  • Keyword research tool.
  • Integrates with the Google Search Console.
  • Rich extracts.
  • Schema markup.
  • SEO health report.

One specific feature that greatly benefits your organization is the unique SEO Plugin Templates, which allow you to update thousands of products or pages in minutes.


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This unique tool will save your organization hours of manual labor.

The other feature worth highlighting is the JSON-LD Structured Data / Schema Markup tool. This gives users access to an up-to-date schema markup tool for rich snippets.

It also supports price, product availability, breadcrumb lists, site links, and product schema.

Your organization can have periodic SEO analysis performed to help you identify areas of weakness and look for specific changes to implement in future optimizations.

2. Reload SEO

Price: $ 14.95 / month, 14 day free trial

Overview: Reload SEO allows store owners to review competitor content analytics as well as a detailed look at the top 10 ranked pages for your specified keyword.

SEO is all about gaining a competitive advantage over your competitor, and there is no better way to market yourself than to dominate search engine results pages.

This app offers a report that highlights the types of content posted by your competitors. It produces a list of recommendations to help your business be competitive.

While the other tools offered by this app may seem lackluster when it comes to competitor information, Reload SEO offers a spirited spy capability which is extremely beneficial in outperforming your competitor.

3. Tiny SEO IMG Image Optimizer

Price: Free edition (additional cost optional)

Overview: Another app that should be added to your Shopify SEO toolkit is Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer.

Your brand aesthetic is stunning and your images are eye-catching. But when your visual assets aren’t properly optimized, you run the risk of drastically affecting the search and usability of your site.

Tiny IMG will help reduce image loading speeds which contribute to the overall speed of your site.

Pairing your organic traffic optimization efforts with a visual optimization strategy will open the door to more potential buyers.

The app uses an algorithm to compress images by 70% while maintaining your image quality.

You can choose how you want your images to be compressed, and it offers backup so that you can restore your data anytime.


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4. Schema Plus for SEO

Price: $ 14.99 / month. 7 day free trial.

Overview: Schema Plus for SEO offers advanced markup code that will help your site’s web pages get indexed faster and more efficiently.

Designed with the algorithm in mind, this app uses code to help search bots understand your web pages more effectively. This creates a more streamlined optimization system.

With better indexing, your site can be seen by more quality prospects and potentially generate more income.

This tool will also add rich content to your site, so that your descriptions and reviews will be condensed and displayed on Google search pages.

5. King of SEO images

Price: Free Edition, Small Shops Edition – $ 7.99 / month, Medium Shops Edition – $ 12.99 / month, Large Shops Edition – $ 18.99 / month

Overview: If you are looking for a tool that will not only help you optimize images, but also help you with alt text, product meta titles, and JSON LD optimization, SEO Images King will definitely help your organization.

The app comes in four different editions, so select the package that fits your business needs.


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Depending on the plan you choose, you may be able to access bulk optimization features that will allow your team to optimize hundreds of images in a matter of minutes. This will allow your team to focus on additional business operations.

Paid editions can also unlock up to 100,000 images for use.

6. Marketing tools from SEOMetriks

Price: $ 7.99 / month

Overview: SEOMetriks Marketing Tools offers an SEO checklist that will help you improve your keyword rankings.

Through a strategic partnership with Majestic, MOZ and Semrush, SEOMetriks is able to use their data to guide its recommendations.

This means that its recommendations are based on over 370 global and local search engine data structures.

This tool will program the ranking of SEO sites and a complete analysis of backlinks. It has competitor analysis tools that allow you to gauge their success in terms of traffic and keyword rankings.

What makes this app unique from other SEO tools is the ability to track your organization’s performance on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin.


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7. AMP fire

Price: $ 7.99 / month

Overview: Fire AMP is a tool designed to help Shopify sites reduce site speed using Google’s AMP storage scheme. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and this technology is primarily aimed at making websites faster and lowering your bounce rate.

The tool uses AMP HTML, AMP Javascript, and AMP cache to help improve the on-site experience of your Shopify store.

This can lead to increased conversion rates and potentially higher rankings in SERPs.

8. HTML sitemap for SEO

Price: $ 3 / month

Overview: The SEO HTML Sitemap application will create an HTML sitemap which will be updated hourly. This means that when you update products or content, your sitemap will reflect the changes.

An up-to-date sitemap has a complete breakdown of all the links available in your Shopify store.

This tool will help your organization to optimize search, as sitemaps are used to help users navigate your site, as well as search bots.

Search engines won’t pick your webpage as the best answer to a buyer’s query if they can’t easily find and access it.


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Broken pages are also flagged with this tool so that you can make sure that your site is 404 error free.

9. SEO JSON ‑ LD Boost by Verge

Price: To free

Overview: SEO JSON-LD Boost app is a free tool that will help you improve search queries and automatically add JSON-LD information to pages without changing your layout records.

JSON-LD is linked data that encodes your website data and makes it easier for search engines to understand what it is presented to.

This leads the search engines to reward your site with more favorable search rankings.

The app currently supports landing pages, product pages, collection pages, and blog content.

10. Automatic page generator

Price: To free

Overview: Whether you are a beginner or an advanced web developer, Automizely Page Builder can help you create landing pages specifically designed for conversion and SEO.

Your landing page is the first impression your customer has when they visit your online store. Designing a properly optimized page can lead to increased CTRs and decreased bounce rates.


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The tool will help your organization optimize UX / UI, reduce page speed, and create responsive mobile landing pages.

Put SEO tools at the service of your Shopify store

When it comes to optimizing your Shopify online stores, apps are a great way to stay on top of any potential optimizations and make large-scale improvements.

Shopify SEO apps can offer important benefits, including:

  • Improved site speed.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Visibility / ranking improved.
  • Improved web coding.
  • Improved visual marketing.
  • SEO improved.

With a dedicated effort to implement SEO tools, you should see an increase in the quantity and quality of organic traffic that visits your store.

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