Today I learned that Google Sheets now allows you to link multiple words in a single cell


I find Google Sheets can be an amazing tool for organizing projects – the endless rows and columns allow me to track and categorize things as I please. (You should see my Byzantine spreadsheet for my family’s personal finances.)

Until recently, however, I encountered a major limitation that upset my organizational brain. If I wanted to add hyperlinks to a cell, I could only link an entire cell instead of hyperlink individual words inside. This meant, for example, that if I wanted to follow some interesting personal finance links in my spreadsheet, I had to create individual cells for each of these hyperlinks, which could quickly fill a lot more cells than I would like.

But earlier this summer, while researching a great story, I must have subconsciously noticed that something had changed. I could finally bind as many things as I wanted in one cell, which allowed me to pack even more organization in my handcrafted spreadsheets. The functionality was so good – and felt so natural to me – that I immediately switched to using it as if it had always been there, and I didn’t think much about it.

But today another Edge staff also noted the change with enthusiasm, sharing it in The Rod Slack as a public service announcement. And then my editor realized that he, like me, started using it without even thinking about it. It’s just convenient.

Granted, my colleagues and I may be a little late for the hyperlink part. I found a Google support thread discussing the new feature starting May 7 and a YouTube tutorial posted the same day. But maybe the feature reached my coworkers and I a bit later than May, as Google sometimes rolls out features over time.

We thought we would share with you our common discovery of functionality, dear Edge reader, so you can start creating hyperlinks.

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