The exciting return of Fujifilm PRO 400H as Kodak Portra 400


It seems so many photographers wanted it, and Fujifilm listened! Today, Fujifilm announces the return of the Fujifilm PRO 400H. In January 2021, Fujifilm discontinued the film. It broke the hearts of tons of photographers. People immediately bought all the supplies and hoarded what they could. Fujifilm said it had had supply issues during the pandemic. Now Fujifilm seems to be taking a page from Kodak’s book. Word on the street is that the new Fujifilm PRO 400H film is being rebranded as the Kodak Portra 400.

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Considering the world is still in shambles, we don’t know if Fujifilm is doing anything special or unique for the renowned Kodak Portra 400 film. But our Fujifilm reps tell us it will be available in 35mm now, in 120 format this fall, and in large format in your dreams.

The original Fujifilm PRO400H had a specific look. It was also highly regarded for its pastel effect when overexposed. We featured several photographers who shot this film, such as Lester Cannon, Amy O’Boyle, Christoph Zoubek and Valerie Rizvan. Everyone loved the movie. You can check out our older review of the movie for more.

This new Fujifilm PRO 400H is apparently renamed Portra 400. This means that it is very well designed for scans. It also means you’re not going to shoot it at ISO 75 and develop normally. Indeed, this beautiful pastel effect is now a thing of the past. Instead, according to our tests, the new Fujifilm PRO 400H is best photographed at ISO 200 and developed at ISO 320. And over the years we’ve interviewed a lot of photographers who have photographed Kodak Portra 400. There has the likes of Katy Maclachlan, Ajda Schmidt, Cameron McClarty, Jacob Howard and Lena Pogrebnaya. You can see their wonderful work on these hyperlinks.

Fujifilm PRO400H takes on new life as a film simulation

Additionally, Fujifilm has announced a new firmware update for all Fujifilm cameras dating back to the original Fujifilm X100. It will add a new film simulation called CLASSIC PRO400H. Fujifilm says it sets itself apart from both the classic negative and the nostalgic negative by adding more of a pastel tone to the scene. We haven’t tested it yet, but we’re very curious to see what happens when we meter our scenes at ISO 400 and then shoot at ISO 75. My gut tells me that even Capture One 22 won’t be able to retain all those details. But considering the dynamic range extension settings with my X Pro 1, I have hope. I’m also going to load it onto my X Pro 1 while still giddy enough that it’s going to get some new life.

Editor’s Note: This is an April Fool’s joke. Coldness. Relax. It’s not so bad.


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