The 7 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations You Need to Try in 2022


Microsoft Teams integrations are one of the most powerful ways to upgrade your Teams experience. The MS Teams ecosystem alone is packed with useful tools to bring your staff together, improve collaboration, and boost productivity.

However, as the way we work continues to transform, Microsoft knows that most employees use multiple apps to get work done every day. By creating a more open and flexible environment that can integrate with existing tools used by your experts, Microsoft has integrated Teams into a single glass panel interface for productivity.

Business leaders today can integrate a host of mission-critical tools into their Teams ecosystem through the AppSource Marketplace and make life easier for employees in the process.

Today we’re looking at some of the best integrations you can add to your Teams experience.

  1. Employee Wellness by Health Hero

Need a way to track your team’s well-being in today’s hybrid work environment? Health Hero has you covered. The employee wellbeing integration for Microsoft Teams allows companies to emphasize wellbeing in their corporate culture.

The Wellness integration comes with a bot to automatically capture employee health information daily, as well as biometric screening tools and apps to create wellness challenges and activities for teams. Features include:

  • A global flow of well-being to unite teams around shared objectives
  • All-in-one dashboards to track employee health
  • Wellness activities, competitions and leather boards.
  • Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening Tools
  1. Trello

One of the best Microsoft Teams integrations for boosting productivity, Trello is a project management tool that businesses can integrate right into their Teams experience. With the Trello for Microsoft Teams integration, you can automatically notify Teams users when a new card is created or moved in Trello.

The Trello app in Teams can also notify team members when they’ve been assigned a new task or when they have an upcoming due date to think about. Features include:

  • Create checklists, assign tasks, and review deadlines in Teams
  • Notifications about changes to Trello boards in Teams
  • Better monitoring of projects within teams
  1. Jira

Another top option for Microsoft Teams integrations, the Jira Cloud app for Microsoft Teams helps you get the most out of Jira and Teams together. In chat, you can convert Teams chat messages to a new Jira issue or add comments to existing Jira issues with just a few clicks.

The Jira for Teams integration lets you view Jira issues during a Teams meeting in a side panel, so you can see what’s being worked on and what tasks have already been assigned to employees. There are even handy notifications to track bug fixes, workloads, and app performance in real time. Features include:

  • Create, edit, and view tickets in Teams meetings
  • View Jira issues during Teams meetings for more context in conversations
  • Receive customizable Jira notifications in Microsoft Teams
  • Instantly convert Teams chat messages into Jira tickets
  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

A must-have app for creative teams around the world, Adobe Creative Cloud enables brands to create graphics, design videos, and edit photography with world-class technology tools. Adobe Creative Cloud Microsoft Teams integration helps bring your creative work and creative teams together in a more unified space.

You can use the Adobe Creative Cloud app in Teams to pin creative cloud assets to channel tabs and get quick design feedback, or use message extensions to share cloud assets. You also have access to connectors to notify you when stakeholders leave comments on Creative Cloud. Features include:

  • Instantly pin Creative Cloud content to channel tabs
  • Use SMS extensions to share items in chat messages
  • Keep track of actions in Teams with notifications sent by the app’s bot
  • Receive a notification whenever comments are made on documents stored in Creative Cloud
  1. GitHub

Widely regarded as one of the most valuable software development platforms in the world, GitHub enables developers to access crucial content and solve problems collaboratively. The GitHub app for Microsoft Teams ensures that your development team can stay up to date and access Teams updates, without having to switch apps.

The GitHub integration with Teams supports access to GitHub notifications and messages in Teams, so users can share, build, and update code more efficiently. Features include:

  • Full visibility into GitHub projects in Teams channels
  • Notifications and messages from GitHub Enterprise in Teams
  • Access and receive information from GitHub repositories in Teams
  1. wiki

A unique alternative to most Microsoft Teams integrations that require an AppSource app, Wiki is something you can already access in your Teams instance. On the top bar of any Teams channel, you’ll find the Wiki tab, which acts as a smart text editor for your Teams.

Once a Wiki tab is added to Teams, users can use it similar to Microsoft Word, sharing notes, images, hyperlinks, and tables in a convenient cloud environment. Features include:

  • Add pages and sections to Wikis to create a business knowledge base
  • Access multiple formatting options for each document
  • Collaborate inside Wiki with @mentions and comments
  • Post wikis to channels to share with everyone
  1. Zapier

If your team is one of many in today’s modern world that relies on a large number of applications to stay productive, you may have found that all the connectors you need to bring those applications together are not are not already in Teams. Zapier can help. The Zapier for Microsoft Teams integration allows users to connect some of the world’s most popular apps into one expansive automation platform.

You can set up automated workflows with Zapier (called Zaps) that connect Teams to the apps you use most. For example, you can set up a Zap that automatically notifies your team members when someone in another app sends a message. Features include:

  • Create fully automated workflows in Teams
  • Ensure employees can keep track of various apps at once with notifications
  • Eliminate manual processes to optimize your workforce


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