Seo Ye Ji’s New Drama Eve To Announce Premiere Schedule Soompi


The Long Wait Is Over With Seo Ye Ji’s New Drama Eve confirms its first schedule.

The South Korean beauty is officially returning to K-dramaland with the upcoming drama series.

Seo Ye Ji’s New Drama Eve Broadcast in May

According to OsentvN Announced Eve Set To Air In May After Lee Kwang Soo’s K-drama Finale The killer’s shopping listt.

This means that Seo Ye Ji’s new drama will be the last Wednesday and Thursday series under tvN.

Lead by dinner companion and love for a thousand others director Park Bong Sub and written by Birth of a beauty and A well brought up girl Screenwriter Yoon Young Mi, Eve follows the story of the country’s biggest divorce lawsuit totaling 2 trillion won, or about US$1.7 billion.

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Meet the cast of Eve

In the upcoming romance series, Seo Ye Ji plays Lee Ra El, a vengeful wife and the subject of a billion-dollar divorce case.

As quoted by Soompi, the casting team chose It’s okay not to be well star for her “solid acting skills”, noting that the actress has “a strong image and the energy to immerse herself in succeeding Lee Ra El”.

Meanwhile, Park Byung Eun took on the role of Kang Yoon Gyeom, the CEO of the largest financial group.

According to the production team, they’re looking for someone in their mid-40s who possesses intelligence and attractiveness “while also having a look that can portray the character’s two-sidedness.

Moreover, Park Byung Eun gives off the perfect image of someone “who stands between good and evil.”

Besides the duo, the main stars of Eve include Lee Sang Yeob as Seo Eun Pyung, the youngest member of the National Assembly, and will cross paths with Lee Ra El.

Finally, one of the main cast is Yoo Sun as Han So Ra, the only daughter of a powerful politician and someone who is obsessed with her husband.

As K-drama fans rejoice over Seo Ye Ji’s return, Eve is his follow-up project after the mega-hit series It’s okay not to be well with Kim Soo Hyun and Oh Jung Se and his 2021 mystery thriller Recalled.

As a reminder, the 32-year-old actress took a year-long hiatus after being embroiled in a huge controversy that nearly marred her career.

Seo Ye Ji’s Scandal Includes Criticism For Manipulating Then-Boyfriend Kim Jung Hun Into Dumping Film Weather with Girls’ Generation co-star Seohyun.

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