Seo In Guk, Kwak Si Yang, Oh Yeon Seo, And More Investigate In Unusual Ways At “Café Minamdang”


tvN’s “Café Minamdang” has shared new preview images for the upcoming episode!

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, “Café Minamdang” is a comedy-mystery starring Seo to Guk as Nam Han Joon, a fraudulent shaman who was a profiler. Oh Yeon Seo plays Han Jae Hee, a violent crime unit detective with a passion for justice.


Previously, Nam Han Joon helped Shin Kyung Ho (Kim Won Shik) escape by claiming that Han Jae Hee’s team illegally obtained the black box containing crucial evidence. Han Jae Hee angrily chased after Nam Han Joon and sent him a clear message, raising anticipation for how their relationship would change in the future.

The newly released stills capture Nam Han Joon and Gong Soo Chul (Kwak Si Yang) holding a Intestine (ritual performed by Korean shamans). Gong Soo Chul lowers his head to sincerely plead for Nam Han Joon.

Han Jae Hee and Cha Do Won (Kwon Soo Hyun) are distraught upon seeing the ritual unfold. Not to mention that Han Jae Hee is suspicious that Nam Han Joon is a baksumuang (male shaman) in the first place. However, armed with a cheeky attitude, Nam Han Joon will scold Han Jae Hee and Cha Do Won.

The production team shared, “In Episode 3, Nam Han Joon, Han Jae Hee, Gong Soo Chul, and Cha Do Won will have a shocking encounter. Please watch the interesting process in which Nam Han Joon and Gong Soo Chul, who usually use crude and expedient means, and Han Jae Hee and Cha Do Won, who investigate within the bounds of the law, go head-to-head while solving the affair. ”

Other stills also preview Nam Han Joon, Gong Soo Chul, Nam Hye Joon’s first encounter (Kang Mina), and Jonathan (Baek Seo Hoo). Nam Han Joon is deep in thought at a shrine, while Gong Soo Chul looks incredibly different with long hair and a mustache. The two show unlikely teamwork as they work together with determination in another photo. Nam Hye Joon and Jonathan watch with unimpressed looks, raising questions about how Café Minamdang was originally formed.

Additionally, other stills provide insight into Nam Han Joon, Gong Soo Chul, Nam Hye Joon, and Jonathan’s chaotic investigation of Shin Kyung Ho. They crouch behind the bushes, put their heads together to hold a discussion . Gong Soo Chul even peeps his head above the bushes to spy on something while Nam Hye Joon and Jonathan also stay focused on the investigation. Nam Han Joon and Gong Soo Chul look shocked as they try to hide more, leading viewers to wonder how their investigation will go.

The next episode of “Café Minamdang” will air on July 4 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Seo In Guk in “Doom at your service“:

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