SDSU renames business administration building in honor of former dean and his wife


The iconic Hepner Hall at San Diego State University. Photo by Chris Jennewein

San Diego State University On Tuesday its education and business administration building was renamed Lamden Hall in honor of the late Charles W. Lamden, former head of the accounting department and dean of business, and his wife, Gertrude “Trudy “Lamden.

“Charles W. Lamden has mentored hundreds of students and colleagues at San Diego State University over a 45-year period,” said Adela de la Torre, SDSU President and Adrienne D. Vargas, vice president of academic relations and development, in a joint statement.

“Lamden Hall serves both to recognize and preserve the memory, legacy and many philanthropic contributions of the Lamden family to the service of the university.

“The name also recognizes Charles W. Lamden’s many contributions to his field, to his students and to higher education,” the statement said.

The university is planning a celebration on November 17 to honor Lamden and to celebrate the building’s renaming.

Lamden received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UCLA and his doctorate. from the University of California, Berkeley. After working for the accounting firm Everts and Esenoff in San Diego, Lamden began his academic career as a lecturer in 1946 at what was then San Diego State College, holding various positions as president and dean.

From 1954 to 1965, he was the first dean of the School of Business Administration, which became the Fowler College of Business. During his tenure, Lamden was a strong supporter of improving the training of students in the profession, and he was credited with Associate Professor Glenn Hodge with obtaining accreditation for the school in 1959.

In 1965, Lamden took a leave of absence to serve first as a senior partner of KPMG in its Paris, France office, and then as an executive in its New York office. The Lamden’s returned to San Diego in 1975 and Charles W. Lamden returned to teaching in 1977, remaining with SDSU until his retirement in 1991 as the last of the 1940s teachers.

“It is our honor to preserve the philanthropic contributions and his legacy of Charles W. Lamden with a building name, which is both an important and rare event,” university officials said in their statement.

“The contributions Charles and Gertrude ‘Trudy’ Lamden made to life are with us Tuesday and will be for generations to come.

–City news service

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