Ranking the freshman seasons of former high school number one rookies


Zion Williamson (Photo by Hannah Foslien / Getty Images)

For the first overall rookies out of high school, most of the time their games won’t be the same. Whether they’ve destroyed the competition with their low post abilities or scored a ton of points on the perimeter, there is a long list of ways they choose to get things done.

While their games may be completely different from each other, the one thing they have in common is that they were the best whenever they set foot on a high school basketball court.

Still, no matter how good they were against inferior competition, not all of the great high school players managed to take it to the next level. With college basketball in the midst of another unpredictable season, we’ve decided to put together a list detailing how former number one-ranked high school players over the past 25 years have been doing in college.

It should be noted that not all credible websites had the same player rated as the best baseball player in the world, but we went with the consensus. For the most part, a ton of those players were one. But, there were also a handful of guys who decided they weren’t ready to make the jump to the NBA.

For all intents and purposes, we’re not going to look at every year that particular player spent in college, just their first season.

There were a bunch of players who lived up to the hype of being the best high school player in the country and others struggled. Take a look at which ones we think performed the best in their freshman year in college after being considered the best baseball player in high school.


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