Ranking of the best graduate schools 2023 coming March 29 | Morse code: in college rankings


US News will unveil the 2023 rankings of the best graduate schools on March 29, with new rankings for education, engineering, law, MBA, medicine and nursing programs. Almost all rankings and data, which will be published on usnews.com, are derived from extensive statistical and reputational surveys conducted in fall 2021 and early 2022 of each program in the six largest graduate disciplines. Detailed methodologies will be published in the Ranking Methodologies section of the website.

Prospective students who wish to view comprehensive rankings, ranking indicator values, and comprehensive school profiles in all six disciplines should use the subscription-based US News Graduate School Compass. The tool also provides the full versions of specialty rankings in the broader disciplines, which include business analytics, constitutional law, environmental engineering, executive MBA, finance, marketing and healthcare administration. nurses, among others.

For the second year in a row, US News has worked with the Robert Graham Center, a division of the American Academy of Family Physicians, as the data provider to produce four exclusive rankings of medical schools based on the following: the proportion medical school graduates practicing primary care; the proportion of medical school graduates practicing direct patient care in medically underserved areas; the proportion of medical school graduates practicing direct patient care in rural areas; and the proportion of a medical school’s fall 2021 enrollment, as reported to US News, who are underrepresented minorities. This latest ranking, called the most diverse medical schools, takes into account black, Hispanic, Native American, and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander enrollment.

For the first time in four years, US News will release new academic reputation rankings for social work graduate programs; rankings of doctoral programs in the fields of social sciences and humanities of economics and psychology; and rankings of doctoral programs in the scientific fields of mathematics, statistics, biological sciences, computer science, chemistry and earth sciences. There will also be a first-ever ranking of PhD programs in biostatistics, as opportunities in this field are expected to increase in the coming years.

Annual academic reputation rankings in public affairs and public health schools and programs will also be updated.

Rankings of doctoral programs in the arts and humanities and graduate programs in select fields related to health, library science and fine arts will remain available on usnews.com. These rankings are based solely on previously administered academic reputation surveys that have been published in previous years. They are labeled with the calendar year of their initial publication.

Statistical data that schools report to US News can be used to compare factors such as enrollment; acceptance rate; GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT scores for the most recently enrolled class; ethnic diversity in law and medical faculties; student-faculty ratios; amount of research conducted in medical schools; the indebtedness of law, medicine and business graduates; pass rate at the bar; and career-related information for graduates of law and business programs, such as starting salaries and job placement success after graduation.

US News emphasizes that the rankings themselves should not be used as the sole basis for deciding whether to attend one graduate program or school over another. Prospective students should also consider other factors, such as a school’s course offerings, department culture, total cost to graduate, post-graduation networking, counseling programs, or mentorship, location and life on campus.


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