Ranking of the 5 worst rotational players in recent memory


The San Antonio Spurs have had their fair share of great rotational players over the years who have been essential in helping the team compete. In fact, without good rotational players, it’s safe to say that Spurs would have won fewer championships.

On the flip side, not all rotation players can be great or even good, and Spurs have had their fair share of that as well, especially in recent seasons. So who’s deciphering the list of the worst rotation players in recent memory? Here are my top five, ranked from best to worst.

San Antonio Spurs

Defensive issues put Bryn Forbes on this list despite being a fairly good offensive player in fact. After all, he’s a career 41% 3-point shooter and has added a decent float to his game allowing him to score inside the arc. Still, he’s got a net -4.7 rating this season for a reason, and that’s because the Spurs’ defense lights up like a Christmas tree when he’s down.

Thankfully, he’s not making a debut for Spurs like he did for three seasons in his previous stint, limiting the amount of damage he can cause. Unfortunately, Forbes, even in smaller doses, can still work, even when playing against opposing benches.

In the end, I expect him not to re-sign the next offseason. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved into a potential deal with Thad Young or into a smaller deal for a second round pick. As crazy as it sounds, a playoff team might think he could help them, but we all know the truth after years of watching it.


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