Ranking Every Buzzer-beater Winning Game Since 2000


The San Antonio Spurs have been involved in 49 buzzer-beating wins, spanning unlikely wins and devastating losses since 1976.

Of those shots, 25 happened after the year 2000. Sadly, only nine of those games ended in favor of Spurs as they had some cruel endings in their history. Still, there were memorable moments in Alamo Town when the buzzer sounded to both shock opposing crowds and thrill locals.

For these rankings, I’ll be looking at factors like the overall importance of the game, the difficulty of the shot and how memorable each moment was in Spurs lore. To put it in simpler terms, I rank them as I feel. Let’s start.

San Antonio Spurs

As many have said, what matters is not how you start but how you finish. In his only visit to Cleveland in 2005, Tim Duncan missed his first seven shots from the field and didn’t score in the first 19 minutes. By the time the game ended, he had 18 points, 11 rebounds and a shot to redeem himself at the buzzer.

That’s exactly what the Big Fundamental did, break away at the top of the free throw circle for a patent shot mid-range of a Tony Parker stream. As you can see from this cliphe buried the jumper and the Cleveland Cavaliers on the horn to give the Spurs a 94-92 victory and finish with another 20 and 10+ night.

“It was a perfect pick and roll,” Ginobili said after the game. Indeed, it was. And that wasn’t the only handsome buzzerbeater Tim had in his career, as this next clip shows.


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