Quiz – the first official world golf ranking


Can you name the top 10 of the first official world golf rankings?

The first official World Golf Rankings were released the week before the 1986 US Masters. The R&A wanted a better system for deciding Open Championship byes. Tony Greer, a civil engineer, had been working on a filing system mostly for his own amusement, which Mark McCormack’s international management group took over. The ranking was launched in April 1986, supported by the R&A, sponsored by Sony and managed by IMG.

Tony Greer recalls his debut “landing like a lead ball” in the United States as the top three players were European.

The first official World Golf Rankings were determined by performance over the previous three years with a weighting system in which points earned in the last 52 weeks were tripled, and points from 1-2 years ago were double. Tournaments have been categorized into four distinct tiers, with bonus points awarded based on the number of world top 20 players participating in that particular event. The ranking was calculated based on the total points of each player.

The top two golfers in the first ranking were way off the pack – first place had 1,056 points, second place had 1,002 points; the golfer in third had only 726. Tenth place had 593 points.

Can you name the top 10 of this first official world golf ranking? You have three minutes to do so. Simply enter the player’s last name to respond.

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