QB Fantasy Football 2021 consistency rankings: find potential sleepers, busts in the quarterback leaderboard


Consistency is vitally important in head-to-head fantasy football leagues, but very few fantasy owners even try to factor that into their rankings or in making the draft day decision. If you’ve been playing fantasy for a while, you know how frustrating it can be for your quarterback to score over 30 points one week and 10 the following week. How many times have you been one of the league’s most successful teams only to miss the playoffs by one or two games?

Many will call it “bad luck”, and this is partially true. Injuries to key players, inclement weather, and tough clashes are all variables that can negatively impact fantasy teams. There isn’t much you can do to control or fight them. is one aspect of fantasy football that you have some influence over – the consistency of your team.

The tools section of BigGuyFantasySports.com has a “Clutch Report” which will calculate the “Clutch Factor” (CF) that a player must exceed each week to win a “Clutch Game”. FC is based on the number of teams in your league and the scoring method. For example, in a 12-team PPR format, a running back must earn more than 11 fantasy points each week to win a “clutch game”.

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The more consistent a player is, the more valuable they are to their fantasy team. You can see how consistent a player is on my website (BigGuyFantasySports.com). A player’s consistency rate is called the “Clutch Rating” (CR). A very consistent fantasy player will have an CR of over 70 percent. Elite stallions in the fantasy world will normally be over 80 to 90 percent.

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Every year, I try to identify undervalued players who might not rank highly in the Fantasy Point Total, but who were very consistent and crucial to a fantasy team’s success. In addition, I identify overvalued players based on their lack consistency. Here’s a look at my consistency scores for the QBs ahead of the 2021 season.

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Fantasy QB 2021 consistency ratings, rankings

Rank Stage Sub level Player Team
1 QB1 A Patrick muhammad KC
2 QB1 B Josh Allen BUF
3 QB1 B Kyler murray ARI
4 QB1 B Dak prescott DAL
5 QB1 B Aaron Rodgers FR
6 QB1 B Lamar jackson BALL
7 QB1 B Justin herbert LAKE
8 QB1 B Russell wilson SEA
9 QB1 B Tom brady TB
ten QB1 B Matthew Stafford LAR
11 QB1 B Ryan tannehill TEN
12 QB1 B Joe terrier CIN

A ranking of QB1A means I would expect this player to earn a CR of 80% or more in 2021. Currently, only Patrick Mahomes is ranked at this level. The remaining 11 quarters are all ranked QB1B. This means that I would expect them to exceed a CR of 70 percent or more. Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott and Aaron Rodgers all have the potential to surpass 80% in 2021, but I think they will be closer to 75% this year. The key is where they fall in your draft. If you can get any of these four after Round 5, then grab it! If they go before that, wait and grab one of the other seven quarters.

Let’s take a look at a few of those quarterbacks and see which of them are undervalued or overvalued based on their current ADPs.

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Undervalued: Tom Brady, Buccaneers

The alien life form that Brady is once again not getting as much love as it should from the fantasy world. All he did last season was seventh overall and 10th in consistency. Now take out the injuries and watch his consistency when Mike Evans and Chris Godwin were together on the pitch and he’s at 75 percent which would have placed him tied for third overall. He’s going into Round 7 right now. So load up early on the backs and receivers and grab Brady on round 7 or 8 and get a QB you never have to worry about.

Overrated: Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins

Tua didn’t really burst onto the scene with fireworks and glitter last season. It was more like glitter and finger paints. The Dolphins let Ryan Fitzpatrick walk and gave Tua the reins for 2021. However, they also flirted with the trade for Deshaun Watson and signed Jacoby Brissett during the offseason. So what is the length of the leash? The Dolphins signed Will Fuller V and drafted Jaylen Waddle, so the receiving body has improved, but I’m not overly optimistic here. Many see Tua as a high potential save, but his consistency numbers suggest he will look more like the QB30.

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In summary, consistency should be an important part of your preparation for the Fantasy Project each year. It’s fine to draft players who earn a ton of points in total, but if they don’t consistently, you could still end up below 0.500. You can’t win a championship if you don’t even make the playoffs.

If you want more consistency reporting from your draft prep, go to Amazon and pick up the award-winning Fantasy Football 2021 Consistency Guide. You can also follow me on Twitter @bob_lung.

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