Planning applications submitted to the Arun district council


AL / 116/21 / HH: Place du champ, chemin Nyton. Erection of a side extension partly simple, partly on two floors with rear balcony on the first floor and 1 x front skylight, and extension of the front porch following the demolition of the side link building and partly of the garage.


AW / 316/21 / T: Stratton, 9 Kingsway. To fell and remove 2 field maples no. And 1 oak no.

AW / 317/21 / T: Various locations, Aldwick Bay area. Various work on various trees.

AW / 327/21 / T: 8 West Drive. Reduction of the crown of 1 Oak n ° to a height of 8 m and a width of 4 m.

AW / 328/21 / HH: 17, chemin Marquis. Construction of a single-storey rear veranda.

AW / 334/21 / T: Vega, 17 Kingsway, Aldwick. Reduction of the crown of 1 tree No. Quercus Ilex to a height and width of 16 m.

BN / 122/21 / HH: 44 Spinney Walk, Barnham. Erection of a one-story front and rear porch extension.

BR / 201/21 / PL: Ravenna, Richmond Avenue West. Construction of a new building comprising 3 apartments No (2 apartments No 2 & 1 accommodation No 1), including modifications to the windows of the existing building (re-submission according to BR / 176/20 / PL). This site is CIL Zone 4 (Zero Rated) in the form of apartments.

BR / 218/21 / PL: CPR Ltd, 1 Dickenson Place unit. Supply of a specialized paint booth in an existing light industrial building, including roof ducts / vents. This site is CIL Zone 4 (Zero Rated) as another development.

BR / 222/21 / PL: Vincent House, 75 Highfield Road. Read advertisement due to corrected drainage plan to remove elevations and site plan. Creation of 1 bed unit n ° 1 and 1 bed unit n ° 2 on the roof of the existing block with 2 new parking spaces and revised access layout. This site is CIL Zone 4 (Zero Rated) in the form of apartments.

BR / 224/21 / HH: 3 Glencathara Road. Replacement veranda with change of roof from slope to flat roof.

BR / 225/21 / T: Hardy House, 25 Nelson Road. Reduction of the crown of an oak No. 1 to a height of about 10 m and an extent of about 8 m.

EP / 115/21 / HH: New Lodge, Seaview Road. Gable hipped roof extension with construction of 2 side window extensions.

FP / 206/21 / HH: 10 gardens of the old manor house. Extension of the porch / garage on one level.

FP / 209/21 / HH: 5 Drake Park. Construction of a single-storey rear veranda.

F / 16/21 / PL: HM Prison Ford, Ford Road. Installation of a 239.2 MWh photovoltaic (PV) solar energy production system. This site is CIL Zone 2 (Zero Rated) as another development.

K / 40/21 / HH: 41, Coast Road, East Preston. Replacement solarium with associated internal modifications.

LU / 294/21 / TEL: Land at Hawthorn Road, Wick. Prior notification under Annex 2, Part 16, Class A, for 15.0m Phase 8 C / W monopoly wrap-around cabinet base and associated ancillary works.

LU / 209/21 / HH: Lamorna, Berry Lane. Read the announcement due to the changed description now including “erection of an extension of the link between the garage and the dwelling”. Retrospective request for the conversion of the existing garage and storage area into an annex.

LU / 285/21 / HH: 6 Grand Avenue. Single-storey rear extension.

LU / 289/21 / PL: 69, route de la ferme Wick. Laying hard floor area for the front aisle.

LU / 293/21 / T: Rosemead Park. Shot 1 No. Himalayan Cotoneaster (T42). Felling and crushing of a group of Leylandii cypress trees (about 45 trees) (T5).

LU / 297/21 / HH: 4 Esmonde Close. Erection of a one story porch extension, rear and front and conversion of the attic with 1 rear skylight.

LY / 15/21 / PL: Crossbush gas station, Lyminster Road. Construction of a drive-through coffee shop (Use Class E) with the associated infrastructure. This application is in CIL Zone 3 (rated zero) as another development. This application is an output of the development plan.

M / 107/21 / HH: Oakwood, 102 Middleton Road. Erection of the lateral extension of the first floor.

R / 235/21 / HH: 24 Shirley Close. Installation of an awning on the existing porch and change of roof tiles.

Y / 135/21 / L: Rose Cottage, chemin de l’Eglise. Classified building permit to install a charging station for electric vehicles in the garage.

Y / 141/21 / PL: Land east of Drove Lane. Temporary sales booth and associated landscaping. This application may affect the setting of listed buildings, may affect the character and appearance of the main road / church road conservation area, affect a public right-of-way and is located in the strategic site SD7 (symbol zero) as another development.

Y / 142/21 / A: Land east of Drove Lane. Various advertisements in various places.

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