Philosophy books gain popularity amid pandemic: The DONG-A ILBO


Philosophy books are also enjoying popularity this year after last year. Books such as “Socrates Express”, published almost a year ago, are still on the bestseller list and enjoy constant popularity.

“Socrates Express”, published in April last year, was popular with readers, ranking 8th in the monthly bestseller list and 1st in the humanities department on the Kyobo Books website. New books released at the end of last year are also at the top of the list. “For the Days That Have Not Yet Come,” which was published in November last year, ranked 6th in the humanities department on the Kyobo Books website and 3rd on the Yes24 website in January. “Daily Philosophy”, published in December, is 13th on the Kyobo Books website and “Philosophy Lab”, published in October, is 20th on the Yes24 website.

The sales volume and the number of publications of philosophy books are also on the rise. According to online bookstore Yes24, annual book sales volume in the philosophy and ideology department fell 23.8% year-on-year in 2020, but rose 60.7% in 2020. last year. The number of new publications also increased from 206 in 2020 to 290 last year.

One of the secrets to the popularity of philosophy books is that they have lowered the barrier of entry for readers by connecting philosophy to everyday life and soothing the weary mind. “Socrates Express” incorporated difficult philosophical concepts into everyday life, such as “how to get out of bed like Marcus Aurelius” and “how to show kindness like Confucius”. “For the Days That Have Not Yet Come” quoted famous philosophers such as Pascal and Freud to emphasize that we should not give up things that we give up easily as we age, such as desire and love. Book reviewer Pyo Jeong-hoon said philosophy books, which have been gaining popularity in recent years, are not academic books that explain difficult philosophical knowledge, but are self-help books that help readers to look back on their lives through philosophical knowledge and insight and to rest their lives. spirit.

The popularity of philosophy books has been partly caused by the prolonged pandemic. Those feeling fatigued by constant social distancing turn to books that can ease their minds. “‘Philosophy for Hectic Days’ comforts those suffering from feelings of unease, and ‘Four Recipes of Epicurus’ incorporates ideas from the Stoics and the school of Epicurus who studied happiness,” Park Sook-kyung said. , director of Yes24.

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