Now 9 days after the election, preliminary ranking vote results still not ready for the 2021 Staten Island primaries


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Already two days late, the New York City Council of Elections (BOE) announced Thursday afternoon that the agency was still not ready to release preliminary voting results by choice (RCV) for the president of the primary district and municipal council.

The BOE announced via Twitter that it is “driving[ing] various quality control measures ”, following their result errors Tuesday during the preliminary votes of the RCV at the primary of the mayor of the city, and is therefore still not ready to publish the rounds of the RCV for the races local.

According to them timetable, the BOE was supposed to release a report with the RCV’s preliminary rounds for all primary races on Tuesday, a week after the election. The mayoral race report was originally released on Tuesday, but was quickly pulled from the BOE website when they realized there was a gap with the results.

On Tuesday evening, the BOE released a statement that it was human error that caused the system to show Democratic mayoral candidate Eric Adams a slim lead over Kathryn Garcia after 11 rounds of RCV eliminations. The ballot results were included with the election night results, producing approximately 135,000 additional records.

The BOE posted what it claims to be some were the good preliminary results for the primary of the mayor, the public lawyer and the controller on Wednesday.

BOE did not indicate when it planned to publish the preliminary report of the RCV rounds from the president of the borough and the city council.

On Staten Island, there are district presidential primary races for Democrats and Republicans, a Democratic race for the North Shore council seat, and a Republican primary for the Mid-Island seat.


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