No SEO advantage to dedicated hosting


John Mueller of Google claims that dedicated web hosting does not have an SEO advantage over shared hosting.

This is stated in this latest installment of the Ask Googlebot series on YouTube.

The video answers a question from a small business site owner looking to cut costs by hosting their website on a shared server.

Dedicated hosting is more expensive because it is designed for faster page speeds. In turn, this could result in a ranking advantage in Google’s search results.

If a small business budget only has shared hosting, is that still acceptable by Google standards?


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Here’s what Mueller says.

Shared hosting vs dedicated hosting for SEO

Shared hosting refers to a setup where multiple websites are hosted on the same server or on the same IP address.

The alternative is dedicated hosting, that is, when a server or an IP address is dedicated to a single website.

Shared hosting is a common setup and it is essential for the web because the number of available IP addresses is limited.

From the outside, it’s hard to tell how a website is hosted. It can be a single server, a cluster of servers, a single data center, or even multiple data centers.


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When it comes to shared hosting and search rankings, Mueller says:

“Using shared hosting is perfectly acceptable and does not negatively affect your site in Google search.”

There is one thing to watch out for with shared hosting, Mueller adds, and that is server overload with too many websites.

When a shared server is overloaded, it can become slow, although the same can happen with dedicated hosting.

A website hosted on a slow server leads to a bad user experience and can make Google crawling more difficult.

That said, Mueller points out that dedicated hosting isn’t automatically faster than shared hosting, and shared hosting isn’t slower by default either.

“Just to be clear, a dedicated server isn’t always fast, and a shared server isn’t automatically slow.”

Finally, Mueller debunks a myth that a website’s ranking can be affected if it is hosted on the same server as the “bad” websites.

There is no truth in this theory.

“Another concern we hear sometimes is that there might be other bad websites hosted on the same server. SEOs sometimes call this a “server in a bad neighborhood”.

It’s not something to worry about. In practice, the most commonly used hosts take care of this themselves.

There is usually a wide variety of websites hosted on shared hosting, including some great and some bad. For Google, this is good and not problematic. We treat each website on its own merits and not on its virtual neighbors. “


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In short, for Google, the use of shared hosting is perfectly acceptable. There is no need to switch to dedicated hosting or a dedicated IP address for SEO reasons.

See the full video below.


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