Meta cuts some of the benefits of Facebook


Many workers were quick to complain in the comments section below the post announcing the change, according to several employees who viewed the post. Just minutes after the changes were announced, employees asked whether the company planned to compensate them in new ways and whether Meta had undertaken an employee survey to assess the impact of the changes on staff.

Meta executives, who have tried to crack down on war-related disinformation in Ukraine and are facing an outright ban on Facebook and Instagram in Russia, seem to have little patience for questions.

In a tone that several employees described as combative, Meta chief technology officer Andrew Bosworth confidently defended some of the changes and chafed at the perceived sense of entitlement displayed in the comments, according to employees who saw thread. Mike Schroepfer, the outgoing chief technology officer, also wrote in the comments in support of the changes.

Another employee who worked on the company’s catering team pushed back even more vigorously, according to two people who saw the post.

“I can honestly say that when our peers fill three to ten boxes of steak to take away to take home, no one cares about our culture,” the employee said, pushing back against other people’s claims that the changes would be detrimental to Meta. workplace culture. “A decision has been made to try to reduce some of the abuse while eliminating six million takeout boxes.”

It appeared that many employees agreed. At noon on Friday, the employee’s post was the most popular comment in the thread, with hundreds of workers expressing their support.

The shutdown of laundry and dry cleaning service for employees at Meta’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., ends a famous, if unusual, benefit. The laundry service, which was operated by a third party, offered free on-campus pickup and drop-off and was intended to “make people’s lives easier,” according to a interview 2020 with a Facebook spokeswoman.

An employee, when contacted to comment on the changes, texted back: “I can’t talk, do laundry.”


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