LongTailPro Can Boost All Your SEO Efforts For Just $ 40


Long-tail keywords are typically phrases of three or more words – and they’re a lot more common in the search world than you might think. In fact, up to 70% of all Google search traffic is a long tail keyword search. Over 90% of long tail keywords get 10 searches or less per month, which means that if you can find the right path to identify some of the top keywords in those long tail keywords, you can literally rank very high for hundreds of terms, all based on one word.

LongTailPro is a nifty keyword suggestion tool that can help a business or manager find those skeleton keywords that can unlock an abundance of new web traffic for your product. It’s all part of an all-in-one package to help you find your potential audience online and boost an organization’s SEO efforts.

Once you look under the hood, it becomes clear that LongTailPro isn’t really an SEO tool – it’s actually five SEO tools. First of all, there is a proven keyword research tool to help you find the best keywords for your projects. It will help users find top terms that can span up to 400 long tail keywords, group and organize those keywords, and find keywords that have worked for competitors. Meanwhile, the Rank Tracker keeps users updated daily on the progress of their chosen keywords with advanced metrics that can help fine-tune all of your SEO campaigns.

There is also a site audit feature to manage the health of your site, find SEO errors, come up with optimization ideas, track site speed, find internal links, and more. The SERP Analysis Tool expands your strategy options to find up to 200 manual keywords, analyze competitor terms, and analyze their backlinks. And speaking of backlinks, backlink analysis takes this one step further, including tracking all domains and page-level metrics of all your backlinks, fixing broken site links, and detecting. new backlink opportunities as soon as they appear.

For a limited time, a LongTailPro subscription that finds up to 10,000 keywords (valued at almost $ 600) is now also part of our second Cyber ​​Week sale. Using the code CYBER20, buyers can take an additional 20% off the total price and get their LongTailPro access for just $ 39.99.

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