Joseph Goldsmith on the impressions of SEO personalities and these vlogs


In the first part, we talked about Joseph Goldsmith and video production topics. In Part 2, we talked about his take on SEO as the video guy. In Part 3, I asked him about his thoughts on SEO personalities and the SEO industry. So we talked about some personalities and discussions we’ve had, some of my favorite people and interviews, including some that surprised me.

We’ve gone on more tangents, but these are drones – they’re so much fun.

Jo spoke about how he gets new business and how important it is to treat your customers well because word of mouth is so important. Relationships with customers are almost as important as your job, said Jo. He also talked about the importance of investing in yourself, it’s super important.

So contact Jo if you need any editing work – she is a really good and professional person to work with!

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