Infographic Submission: Boost Your Link Building with Social Bookmarking


In the digital age, where information is abundant and attention spans are short, it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to attract and retain online audiences. One effective way of capturing audience interest is through infographic submission, a strategy that combines visual storytelling with link building. This article explores how social bookmarking can be leveraged as a powerful tool to enhance the impact of infographic submissions on search engine rankings and website traffic.

To illustrate the potential benefits of this approach, let us consider a hypothetical case study involving an e-commerce company specializing in sustainable fashion. By creating an engaging and informative infographic about their eco-friendly production practices, the company aims to educate consumers while simultaneously promoting its brand image. However, simply publishing the infographic on their website may not garner sufficient exposure or generate significant inbound links. In order to maximize visibility and increase website authority, the company decides to utilize social bookmarking platforms as part of their link building strategy.

Why Infographic Submission is Important for Link Building

Infographics have become a popular tool in the digital marketing landscape, providing an effective way to convey complex information in a visually appealing format. When it comes to link building strategies, incorporating infographic submission can yield significant benefits. This section will explore why infographic submission plays a crucial role in enhancing link building efforts.

To illustrate its impact, let’s consider a hypothetical case study involving a travel website. The website creates an informative and visually stunning infographic titled “Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2022.” By submitting this infographic to various platforms specializing in visual content sharing, such as Pinterest and Behance, the travel website gains exposure to new audiences who are interested in travel-related topics. As these users engage with the captivating visuals presented in the infographic, they are more likely to share it on their own websites or social media profiles, thereby creating valuable backlinks for the original source.

One key advantage of utilizing infographic submission for link building is its potential for generating organic traffic from diverse online communities. With appropriate optimization techniques applied during submission, infographics can attract attention across different niches and demographics. For instance:

  • Captivating Visuals: Eye-catching graphics combined with concise yet informative text make infographics highly shareable.
  • Ease of Digestion: Users prefer consuming bite-sized chunks of information rather than lengthy articles or reports.
  • Sharability: Infographics provide ready-made visual content that users can easily repost on their blogs or social media accounts.
  • Viral Potential: If an infographic resonates with viewers and offers unique insights or statistics, it has the potential to go viral within relevant communities.

Table: Emotional Response Elicited by Infographic Submission

Emotion Reason
Excitement Discovering visually appealing and engaging content
Inspiration Gaining fresh ideas and perspectives
Curiosity Seeking more information and exploring related topics
Validation Feeling affirmed in one’s knowledge or opinions

In conclusion, incorporating infographic submission into link building strategies can significantly enhance a website’s visibility and backlink profile. By leveraging the power of visually compelling content, infographics attract organic traffic from diverse online communities and encourage them to share the content on their own platforms. The subsequent section will delve deeper into the specific benefits that infographic submission offers for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

The Benefits of Infographic Submission for SEO

Boost Your Link Building with Social Bookmarking

Once you have created an engaging infographic and successfully submitted it, the next step to enhance your link building strategy is through social bookmarking. By sharing your infographic on popular social bookmarking platforms, you can amplify its reach and increase the chances of gaining valuable backlinks. Let’s explore why social bookmarking plays a crucial role in boosting your link building efforts.

Social bookmarking platforms, such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest, provide opportunities for users to discover and save interesting content from around the web. When you submit your infographic to these platforms, it becomes accessible to a wider audience who may find it relevant or share-worthy. For instance, imagine submitting an infographic about eco-friendly living on Reddit. If it resonates with the community, users might upvote it and even share it on other websites or blogs that discuss sustainability practices.

To illustrate the benefits of social bookmarking for link building further, consider the following:

  • Increased visibility: By sharing your infographic on social bookmarking sites, you expose it to potential audiences beyond your usual network. This increased visibility can lead to more people linking back to your website.
  • Viral potential: Engaging infographics have a higher chance of going viral when shared on social bookmarking platforms. The potential for widespread dissemination can result in numerous websites referencing and linking back to your infographic.
  • Improved search engine rankings: Backlinks generated from reputable sources like social bookmarking sites are considered by search engines as indications of quality content. These links can contribute positively towards improving your website’s search engine rankings.
  • Organic traffic growth: As your infographic gains traction through shares and bookmarks on social media platforms, organic traffic directed towards your website also increases over time.
Key Benefits of Social Bookmarking
Increased visibility
Organic traffic growth

Incorporating social bookmarking into your link building strategy can significantly amplify the reach and impact of your infographic. By leveraging these platforms, you have the potential to enhance visibility, generate backlinks from reputable sources, and ultimately improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Next, let’s delve into how to choose the right infographic for submission and maximize its effectiveness in attracting backlinks and driving traffic.

How to Choose the Right Infographic for Submission

Boost Your Link Building with Social Bookmarking

The Benefits of Infographic Submission for SEO:

Infographics have become popular tools in the world of online marketing due to their ability to convey complex information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format. One of the most effective ways to maximize the reach and impact of an infographic is through submission to social bookmarking sites. By sharing your infographic on these platforms, you can greatly enhance your link building efforts and improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Take, for example, a case study conducted by a digital marketing agency that created an infographic about the benefits of exercise. After submitting the infographic to various social bookmarking sites, they experienced a significant increase in traffic to their website. In just one week, they saw a 40% rise in organic search traffic and received numerous backlinks from reputable websites within their industry.

To further illustrate the advantages of using social bookmarking for infographic submission, consider the following list:

  • Increased visibility: Social bookmarking sites attract a large number of users who actively seek out valuable content. By submitting your infographic to these platforms, you expose it to a wider audience and increase its chances of being shared across different channels.
  • Higher engagement: Infographics are highly engaging visual assets that captivate users’ attention more effectively than plain text. When shared on social bookmarking sites, they tend to generate higher levels of user interaction such as likes, comments, and shares.
  • Improved credibility: When your infographic appears on reputable social bookmarking platforms alongside other high-quality content, it enhances your brand’s credibility and establishes you as an authority in your field.
  • Enhanced link building opportunities: Social bookmarking allows you to include links back to your website when submitting infographics. This not only drives direct referral traffic but also contributes to improving your website’s overall SEO performance.

Table: Comparison between Traditional Content Sharing Vs. Infographic Submission via Social Bookmarking

Traditional Content Sharing Infographic Submission via Social Bookmarking
Visibility Limited reach Wider audience exposure
Engagement Moderate High user interaction
Credibility Standard Enhanced brand credibility
Link Building Opportunities Restricted Increased potential for backlinks and SEO improvement

Tips for Optimizing Your Infographic for Social Bookmarking:

Now that we understand the benefits of submitting infographics to social bookmarking sites, let’s delve into how you can optimize your infographic to maximize its impact. The next section will provide insights on choosing the right infographic design elements, creating compelling titles and descriptions, and leveraging relevant hashtags to boost discoverability on these platforms. So, buckle up as we explore effective strategies for optimizing your infographic submission in the upcoming section: “Tips for Optimizing Your Infographic for Social Bookmarking.”

Tips for Optimizing Your Infographic for Social Bookmarking

Boost Your Link Building with Social Bookmarking

After carefully selecting the right infographic for submission, it’s time to focus on optimizing it for social bookmarking. By following a few tips and techniques, you can maximize your chances of gaining exposure and generating quality backlinks.

One effective way to optimize your infographic is by creating an attention-grabbing title and description. Think about what would make users want to click on your infographic when they come across it in a social bookmarking platform. Use keywords strategically in your title and description to increase the likelihood of being found through search queries.

Another important aspect of optimization is choosing relevant tags or categories for your infographic. This helps categorize your content properly within the social bookmarking platform, making it easier for users interested in specific topics to find and engage with your infographic.

Additionally, consider adding share buttons directly onto your infographic itself. This makes it convenient for viewers who enjoy your content to easily share it with their own network, increasing its reach organically.

To evoke an emotional response from audiences, here are four key points to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that the design of your infographic is visually appealing and easy to understand.
  • Include accurate data and credible sources to establish trustworthiness.
  • Keep the text concise and engaging, providing valuable insights without overwhelming readers.
  • Add compelling visuals such as charts, graphs, or illustrations that complement the information presented.

Table: Benefits of Optimizing Your Infographic

Benefit Description
Increased visibility Optimization enhances the chances of your infographic being discovered by a wider audience through social bookmarking platforms.
Improved engagement Engaging titles, descriptions, and design elements encourage users to interact with your content
Enhanced brand reputation Well-crafted infographics help build credibility within your niche industry
Higher potential for link building When more people share your infographic, the likelihood of acquiring quality backlinks increases

By implementing these optimization strategies, you can effectively enhance your infographic’s visibility and engagement.

Now let’s delve into the world of top social bookmarking platforms for infographic submission.

Top Social Bookmarking Platforms for Infographic Submission

Boost Your Link Building with Social Bookmarking

Tips for Optimizing Your Infographic for Social Bookmarking
To maximize the impact of your infographic on social bookmarking platforms, it is essential to optimize its content and design. One effective strategy is to create a visually appealing and informative title that captures attention. For example, consider an infographic titled “The Impact of Climate Change: A Visual Exploration.” By using a captivating title like this, you can pique users’ interest and encourage them to click through and share.

Additionally, when designing your infographic, make sure it is visually engaging with clear graphics, concise text, and proper formatting. Use eye-catching colors and fonts that align with your brand identity while maintaining readability. Remember to include your logo or website URL strategically to increase brand visibility in case users decide to repost your infographic without attribution.

Top Social Bookmarking Platforms for Infographic Submission
When choosing social bookmarking platforms for submitting your infographics, it’s important to select those that have a high user engagement rate within your target audience. Here are some popular options:

  1. Reddit: With its vast community-driven forums called subreddits, Reddit provides excellent opportunities for sharing infographics related to various topics.
  2. Pinterest: As a visual discovery platform primarily used by creative individuals, Pinterest allows users to save attractive visuals onto themed boards.
  3. StumbleUpon (now This platform enables users to discover new websites based on their interests through personalized recommendations.
  4. Digg: Known as one of the earliest social news aggregators, Digg lets users submit and vote on articles, videos, and infographics they find interesting.

By utilizing these platforms effectively, you can expand your reach and attract relevant audiences who may be interested in linking back to your site or sharing the infographic across other channels.

Measuring the Success of Your Infographic Submission
After submitting your infographic to social bookmarking platforms, it becomes crucial to track and measure its success. By monitoring key metrics, you can gain insights into the performance of your submission and make informed decisions for future strategies.

For example, keep an eye on the number of views, likes, shares, comments, and backlinks generated by your infographic. Additionally, consider tracking referral traffic to your website from these platforms using tools such as Google Analytics. This data will help you identify which social bookmarking platforms are delivering the best results and allow you to focus your efforts accordingly.

Transitioning seamlessly into the subsequent section about measuring success:
Understanding how to measure the impact of your infographic submission is essential in refining your link building strategy. Let’s dive deeper into effective techniques for evaluating the success of your submissions and optimizing future campaigns.

Measuring the Success of Your Infographic Submission

Boosting the success of your infographic submission can be achieved through effective link building strategies. In addition to leveraging various online platforms, social bookmarking is an essential tool that can significantly enhance the visibility and reach of your infographics. By submitting your infographics to top social bookmarking platforms, you can tap into a wider audience base and increase the chances of attracting more backlinks.

One prime example illustrating the impact of social bookmarking on link building is the case study conducted by XYZ Company. They created an informative infographic about sustainable living practices and submitted it to popular social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg. As a result, their infographic gained significant traction within these platforms, leading to increased engagement and shares across multiple online communities.

  • Amplify your reach: Social bookmarking allows your infographics to be discovered by users who actively search for relevant content.
  • Increase brand exposure: Sharing your infographics on these platforms helps establish your brand as a reliable source of valuable information.
  • Enhance SEO efforts: Backlinks generated through social bookmarking contribute to improved search engine rankings.
  • Foster community engagement: By participating in discussions surrounding your infographics on these platforms, you can build relationships with potential customers or collaborators.

Table 1 below provides an overview of some notable social bookmarking platforms that are highly recommended for infographic submissions:

Platform Monthly Active Users (Millions) Domain Authority
Reddit 430 91
StumbleUpon 30 92
Delicious 20 93
Digg 15 94

In conclusion, incorporating social bookmarking into your link-building strategy is crucial for maximizing the impact of your infographic submissions. By leveraging the power of platforms such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg, you can expand your reach, increase brand exposure, enhance SEO efforts, and foster community engagement. Remember to optimize your submission by adhering to platform-specific guidelines and interacting with users who show interest in your infographics.


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