Indeed has ranked Ireland as the 5th best place to work in Europe


Ireland has been ranked as the fifth most attractive place to work in Europe, according to a study by job site Indeed.

“Brain Gain or Drain?” from the International Jobs website. The report showed a strong rebound in international job searches across Europe as restrictions on international travel eased and sectors of the economy reopened following the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of 21 countries participated in the research.

Offices of Indeed, an American global employment website, seen in Dublin. The international jobs site has ranked Ireland in the top five of the most attractive places to work in Europe. Photo: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Indeed revealed that during the pandemic, European cross-border job searches fell to their lowest level at 32% below pre-pandemic levels. By April 2022, however, they had only fallen 10% and were recovering rapidly.

For Ireland-based jobseekers looking abroad, the low was also a 32% drop, rebounding to 16% below the pre-pandemic level in April.

Ireland is one of five markets currently experiencing what Indeed describes as ‘brain gain’ rather than ‘brain drain’. This means that there are more inbound interests from job seekers than outbound interests.

In effect
The top five countries of origin looking for a job in Ireland are the UK with 26%, America with 7%, Spain with 5.6% and France with 5%. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The top five countries of origin looking for a job in Ireland are the UK with 26%, America with 7%, Spain with 5.6% and France with 5%.

Indeed, believe that the trend is partly due to labor shortages, as well as the demand for skilled workers in highly skilled positions, which are difficult to fill. Over the past five years, Indeed reports that 78% of Irish businesses have hired foreign nationals, and 80% of businesses plan to recruit foreign nationals for their operations in Ireland in 2022.

Geopolitical events also significantly influence cross-border job search patterns. Indeed reveal that employers across Europe have sought to accommodate refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Almost half (46%) of employers surveyed in Ireland said they had made special arrangements to support Ukrainian refugees, and 30% sought to expedite job applications for Ukrainian refugees.

In effect
Ongoing geopolitical events, such as the war in Ukraine, have a significant impact on other labor markets, revealed Jack Kennedy. Photo: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It was revealed that 35% of businesses surveyed expressed a desire for the government to speed up the issuance of visas and permits, with 34% believing the cost of obtaining either should be reduced.

Jack Kennedy, an economist at Indeed, said: “It’s interesting to see geopolitical events like the tragic war in Ukraine impacting other labor markets, with a noticeable uptick in interest, particularly in the Polish market. adjacent.”

Kennedy stressed that employees are willing to relocate again to seek new employment opportunities. He said: “Ireland is in an advantageous position as one of only five countries to experience a new insider trend, or ‘brain gain’ at a time of labor shortages increased.”

The economist said the survey shows Ireland is an attractive destination, particularly in the technology sector.


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