How to make voice and video calls from the Gmail app


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If you are a Gmail user, you can now make one-on-one voice and video calls with other Gmail users directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone. And there is no need to manage hyperlinks that redirect to another application. Everything is done right in the Gmail app, so it’s easy.

The new functionality is part of the new tight integration between Google Chat and Gmail. You could previously make voice or video calls through Gmail, but that required sending (or receiving) a hyperlink invitation for a Google Meet video conference. The catch with this new feature is that it only works for one-to-one calls. For group voice or video calls, you will still need to follow the old hyperlink invitation route.

How to make voice and video calls in the Gmail app

  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Start a conversation with someone using the Chat tab.
  3. Select the call or video call button in the upper right corner of the chat.
  4. Wait for them to accept the call.

    And that’s all.

    When you’re on a voice or video call with someone else, you’ll see a blue icon next to that person in the Chat tab as well as a blue banner at the top of your screen. If you miss a call from someone, you’ll see a red “missed call” icon next to their name in the Chat tab.

    The other downside to this feature is that you have to use the Gmail app on your smartphone. If your Gmail account is associated with another email app, like the default Mail app on your iPhone, for example, you’ll either be redirected to the Gmail app when you accept a call, or you’ll be prompted to download the Gmail app if you haven’t already.


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