How to Check Website Value, Traffic, Server, and SEO Info on WebsiteBiography


Website Biography is a system designed for webmasters and Internet users in general to retrieve information relating to domain name, server information, IP address, search engine optimization, etc. reportsgi, social engagement, host info, registration and expiration date, WHOIS domain, page speed analysis and more.

Users can also view bio details on some updated websites, data such as founder name and image, website category, launch date, address, media handles social, company size, more detailed details, etc. All on one page.

Webmasters also have access to updated information on their website through their account dashboard.

Other amazing features on the system include

Comparison of website statistics – On WebsiteBiography, users can compare a website with any other similarly ranked website to analyze their data and identify which website ranks better, is worth more, earns more, etc. All of this information is available on one easy-to-use page. To compare, go to a domains page, find the “COMPARE” button, click and enter a website URL to compare the current page with. Up to 3 websites can be compared at a time (advanced users).

Newly registered domain – this is another amazing feature of the system that automatically scans and provides all domain names of a limited TLD, which have been registered on any date. Users can choose a date to check all domains registered for that day, there is also a search feature available to locate on which page a domain exists, as the listings are divided into rows of 1000.

Expired domain names – The system also provides a list of expired / deleted domain names every day, users can also search for related domains that have expired on a particular date and instantly purchase an expired domain by clicking any of the affiliate domain resellers on the page .

World’s Best Alexa Websites – On the homepage, users can find the top 10 websites in the world, this list is online and is subject to change frequently.

The website provides individual website data on a subdomain for each page, which may trigger an alarm in some browsers. However, according to various web risk detection systems, the website is served through a secure layer connection which assures data encryption and security.

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