How to add hyperlinks in emails using the Gmail app


If you use the Gmail app on smartphones to send links to important articles or web pages, you probably know that there is no way to add links to custom texts, that is – say no way to create hyperlinks. However, going through Reddit, we found a trick that will allow you to add a link to a prebuilt sentence on the Gmail app.

How to add hyperlinks in emails on the Gmail app

So here’s how to add hyperlinks to your emails on the Gmail app.

  • First of all, open web page that you want to add in your email.

Gmail 2 hyperlink

  • Copy url of the page.

Gmail 3 hyperlink

  • Then open the Gmail app on your device and press the “Dial” button to start writing a new email.
  • After giving the recipient’s contact details, paste the url link in the body of the email.

Gmail 4 hyperlink

  • Now, tap the back button in the top left corner to return to. This will automatically save your unfinished email in the “Drafts” folder.
  • Go to the “Drafts” folder and open the email where you added the link.

Gmail 5 hyperlink

  • This time when the email opens, you will see that the link has turned blue and is now clickable.

Gmail 6 hyperlink

  • Now take the input cursor and place it anywhere in the middle of the link.
  • Between, write custom text that you want your recipient to read.

Gmail 7 hyperlink

  • After completing your personalized text, delete original URL texts.

Gmail 8 hyperlink

  • You will now have blue clickable text with a hyperlink.

Yes, I know, it’s quite a complicated and lengthy process, that too for such a simple task. And I’m quite surprised that with all the developments in the Gmail app, Google still does not allow users to add hyperlinks in emails.

So, until the Mountain View-based tech giant officially supports hyperlinks for the Gmail app on Android and iOS, we have to use this trick to get the job done.

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