How an SEO guru turned his passion into a trusted travel hub


Written by Jennifer Espiritu, journalist

There’s no doubt that the internet explosion of the 1990s changed the way the world gets its daily dose of information. Print media and news are a thing of the past as more and more people turn to social media and blogs as their main source of information.

According to the most recent data available, there are over 600 million blogs today, with approximately 31.7 million active bloggers in the United States. While this has given society a free rein on information, it has also become fertile ground for the spread of fake news. In a survey of Internet users, 59% said they had encountered false information. This makes websites that present truthful and accurate information more critical in the digital age.

Despite fierce competition in the blogging community and reader demand for digestible, presentable, and useful information based on thorough research, quality, factual websites are still rare. Fortunately, search engines use metrics that define quality websites like separate them and rank them at the top of the search pages. The site provides accurate and up-to-date information on travel, crafts and gastronomy. Its reliability has made it a trusted resource center that helps and inspires people to live happier and simpler lives.

Many have used it for different purposes. Some use it to get comprehensive, user-focused information that helps them plan their trips easily and with confidence. Others, especially young professionals, see the website as inspiration to plan their careers.

I wanted to ask your advice. I read your personal story about when, how and why you started your website. It inspired me. I’ve been wanting to start mine and have been picking up and dropping the project for a while now. I’m curious if you have any recommendations on where to learn SEO, marketing and analytics“says a reader.

Originally conceived as a hobby and personal journal of Columbia graduate and chief growth officer Hailun (Marco) Feng (whose unique strategies increased organic visibility for many), it became a popular information resource after he gained popularity and recognition in 2019 when Feng shared his shopping experience at a local Disney store. Since then, he decided to continue and continue this journey, but this time he was armed with new knowledge in SEO and techniques to improve the website.

“When I started, I didn’t know what to name the website, so I registered it under my name, which was a very arrogant decision. But, I later realized that it was a great choice because there’s no better way to make your brand unique than by sharing your adventures and life stories. Also, naming the site Marco lets us be personal. You can think of us as your travel partner when you explore this wonderful world.”

Today, is one of the top travel websites in the world, with over 1.5 million organic search readers per year, answering over 60,000 travel, food and craft related questions every month. Feng’s SEO and content strategies increased organic website traffic by 320% from 2020 to 2021. It wasn’t just views that soared; website engagement has also increased remarkably. The average reader now spends 2 minutes on the platform, an increase from the average watch time of 32 seconds in 2020. The benchmark is 52 seconds.

While the management was already entrusted to Feng’s father, who developed it into what it is today, the goals remain the same: to provide the best information, to inspire people to lead better lives and to give the example for blogging and SEO. community. To achieve these goals, each piece of content undergoes over 20 hours of rigorous research, writing, fact-checking and optimization to ensure that all content is accurate, relevant and easily understood by readers.

Over the years, has grown from a personal diary to a source of truthful information through unique growth strategies. It uses ratings and reviews from several local directories to provide legit “best-of” pieces. Many follow the website for travel information, but it’s also a great source for product research due to its independent reviews, a type of content rarely seen in the travel publishing industry. The website also uses innovative formats for better readability. For example, anyone familiar with it would immediately notice how the people behind the website have grouped long-form content by geographies, types, and genres. has accumulated such success that its New York City guides rival the big names in the printing and publishing industry, including Timeout, TripAdvisor, Conde Nast Traveler, and more. When asked what makes their website so unique and successful, Feng himself said, “when we create content, we keep in mind that we are not writing for bots, but for humans, and therefore we write to inspire people to lead happier and simpler lives, which everyone wanna.

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