High-ranking Toronto police officer charged with impaired driving after crash on Highway 401


A senior Toronto police officer has been charged and suspended with pay after he was caught driving impaired with an open bottle of alcohol following a collision on the 401 freeway on Thursday.

In a news release Friday, police said around 7 p.m. a man was driving eastbound on Highway 401 through Pickering when he collided with a vehicle traveling in the same direction.

Police say responding OPP officers believe the man was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Toronto Police Superintendent Riyaz Hussein, 54, has been charged with over 80 mg of operating a motor vehicle, reckless driving and having care or control of a motor vehicle with open alcohol.

Hussein – who has 33 years of service with the Toronto police – had his case assigned to the force’s disciplinary hearings office. He was suspended with pay, police said.

According to the Toronto Police Service staffing org chart for 2021, Hussein is the chief of the service’s Disciplinary Hearings office.

“The Toronto Police Service recognizes the public interest implicit in the role of hearing officer and proactively disseminates this information to the public,” police said.

Police are asking anyone with information related to the investigation to contact them or Crime Stoppers.


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