Google SEO changes may have pushed agency websites to do…


Changes to Google’s algorithm could impact how agency websites appear in search results, the companies have warned.

Google released the latest major update to its search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm last month that changes the way content is evaluated and puts newer websites and content at the top of results. .

Digital marketing and lead generation platform Starberry warns that the change could cause websites to drop in rankings.

Ben Sellers, CEO of Starberry, said, “These updates bring about significant changes in the SEO rankings of websites, as Google’s primary goal is still to provide users with relevant and authoritative content.

“The last major update was released on May 25 of this year; however, its ripple effects would not have been felt until the first week or two of June.

“Additionally, this update is global, impacting all content categories.

“The goal is to push high-quality sites by reducing the visibility of low-quality content sites.

“The game hasn’t changed, and websites that consistently evaluate their web content will achieve optimal results.”

Using Google’s Semrush Sensor algorithm tracker, Starberry found that the real estate industry scores 9.1 out of 10, indicating that there is a high level of volatility on the property pages. search engine results (SERPs).

Therefore, according to sellers, this has led to fluctuating SEO rankings of many real estate agencies, with some losing and some gaining position.

He said officers should ask if their content is categorized and original, thorough, accurate and can it be viewed on different devices.

He added: “It’s self-assessment and questions like these that will keep your real estate agency consistently ahead of these system changes, allowing you to adapt and maintain strong SEO positioning for organic traffic. increased.”


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