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When you search on the Google search engine, a snippet can consist of a title, URL, images, and description in most cases. This section usually helps users understand the topic they are looking for, within seconds.

Recently, Google did a test to continue to insert hyperlinks in its featured snippets. By adding the additional links on featured snippets on both mobile and desktop devices, the researcher could access the third-party website. This might be a good idea for the website developer, who wants their website to be checked by lots of people, or it might be a bad idea that someone searching for a keyword or phrase might not be able to access it. to the site link of the excerpt presented (this is the original source), he can instead access the other links of the website. These links could remove the searcher from the original site from which Google obtained the snippet.

For web content creators this is a bit alarming feature as the new featured snippet will use the site content in the google search results page and then add a hyperlink or additional link in that content / summary. to the site where the source is located for the site not associated with.

This may not be a good idea or may be unfair to some researchers or may waste their time. Rather, a searcher should stay on the same page when trying to get information about their search result.

Brian Freiesleben found this new featured snippet and posted it on his Twitter account, showing a screenshot from a mobile device. If you click on the link in a featured snippet, another snippet will be displayed, which may direct you to another website.

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