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Having trouble choosing the right SEO company in Hong Kong? There are several things you can consider before choosing your SEO company in Hong Kong.

Competition in the SEO market in Hong Kong

Compared to the United States, SEO doesn’t get much attention in Hong Kong and it is not the number one online promotion strategy for most Hong Kong businesses. With the limited time needed to achieve a positive ROI, Hong Kong companies are focusing more on SEM and social media promotion (Facebook ads, Facebook marketing). Truth be told, the number of SEM agencies in Hong Kong far exceeds the number of SEO agencies. This makes it more likely that businesses will take advantage of search engines, especially Google, to take their business to the next level.

Cultural differences

In Hong Kong, although most people speak Cantonese, their study customs can also include English. They sometimes mix English and Chinese for queries. For example, when looking for a Hong Kong company that helps people optimize their website, they might use seo 公司Is a Chinese from Hong Kong. When doing both SEM and SEO, there is a lot of slang that may not simply be translated from English to Chinese. You may need a local to deal with this growing problem.

SEO targeting

Make sure you are targeting the right search engines. Recently we watched The Rock movie SKYSCRAPER and an interesting plot shows the policeman in the movie using Baidu as a search engine, but in reality Hong Kong people only use Google to search for a local search. Google and Baidu use different algorithms for their ranking, and the skills required for optimization are also completely different.

Some people still use Yahoo as their search engine because Yahoo previously dominated the Hong Kong market, and some people still use as their home page to read news and at the moment we believe that one in ten searches are performed on Yahoo. And our results show that Yahoo users are slightly older than Google users.

Hong Kong SEO Pricing Model

In Hong Kong, most SEO companies use a subscription model, which typically pays clients monthly.

Depending on the size of the project, keyword difficulty and targeting, monthly fees can range from HK $ 8,000 to HK $ 30,000. Based on experience, most SEO companies in Hong Kong will provide a timeline for optimization work.

During the first two months, the focus will be on the technical part of SEO before moving on to the link building phases.

At the link building stage, be aware that some SEO companies in Hong Kong may use gray or even black link building strategies to achieve SEO goals. However, this strategy is really dangerous and not recommended, as Google has repeatedly pointed out that such strategies can lead to results on Google Penalty. This is an independent ranking of SEO companies in Hong Kong; you can refer to their performance.

Google Rank Guarantee

Some Hong Kong companies offer money back guarantees if pre-defined SEO goals are not met. Those goals like “30% of keywords get to page 1 in 3 months” sound good to you, don’t they? However, when you take a closer look, you will see that these Page 1 keywords may not have monthly search volume and these keywords were not chosen by you or your business. And in the worst case scenario, you have 4 keywords that rank on page 1 but no traffic from them. So be careful with these claims!

Do they really understand your business?

As an SEO consultant for several years, I still find that people focus only on ranking, not on conversion. Truth be told, ranking is only part of an online campaign goal, what businesses need are conversions (including inquiries, leads, free trials, etc. ). For a campaign with better SEO performance, we recommend that you keep an eye on how your business is doing and what the end goal is.

Reference check

Reference checking looks a lot like the 19th century, but references don’t have to be handwritten on scrap paper to count. All but the most recent businesses should have a list of happy customers that they can provide on request in an email. In fact, you don’t need to ask for the list; it should be available on their website.

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