Georgia is 9th worst state to have a baby, according to WalletHub


Georgia’s ranking is unlikely to make pregnant couples very happy. The Peach State finished 43rd, with a score of just 36.30.

In each dimension, we have finished:

  • Cost: 30
  • Health care: 42nd
  • Baby Friendship: 42nd
  • Family friendliness: 40th
To exploreGeorgia remains one of the worst states for raising a family

Georgia also ranked:

  • 47th – Infant mortality rate: 47th
  • 48th – Low birthweight rate: 48th
  • 24th – Midwives and obstetricians-gynecologists per capita: 24th
  • 45th – Pediatricians and family physicians per capita: 45th
  • 38th – Daycare centers per capita: 38th
  • 34th – Parental leave policy score: 34th
  • Rate of positive COVID-19 tests in the past week: 22

“Having a child is inherently expensive. What I have observed in my research is that the only factor that can cause poverty is having children, ”said Elena Delavega, Ph.D., MSW program director and associate professor at the School. of Social Work at the University of Memphis. “In modern society, children are passive. We need children, but we place all the burden of raising the future of society on parents who may not have all the support they need. We need to come back to see children as the future we all need. “

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