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In the Soop: Friendcation (JTCB, Disney+, Viu) completes day two of the vacation and takes us to day 3. Now that all the guys have settled in, we’re starting to see them really chilling out in each other’s company. They haven’t completely forgotten about the constant cameras in every corner, but seem to be able to ignore them while focusing on each other.

Winter 2022, 4 days and 3 nights in Goseong, Gangwon-do, Korea.

Unwitting cast (and their alleged group roles):

  • Park Seo Joun (Captain Marvel 2: The Marvels, Itaewon Class) – the father and emotional anchor
  • Park Hyung Sik (A strong woman soon makes a bang, CombinationsJuror 8) – the nice mom, a little sweeter than dad
  • Choi Woo-shik (ParasiteOur beloved summer, time to hunt) – the trusted eldest son, leader of the children
  • Kwon Sung-hwan (rapper/singer/producer peakboy famous for Gin and tonic and last summer Gyopo hairstyle) – the youngest wild girl, always pumped up
  • Kim Taehyung (V of BTSand also appeared in Hwarang, BTS in the soop) – the cute and mischievous younger brother

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After a brief recap, we return to the evening of Day 2 around 10 p.m. as the guys wrap up in front of the fire and prepare to watch Woo-shik. Our beloved summer. He always hopes to avoid the inevitable. Refuse.

Finally, the chicken in a can of beer is also ready. They go to the TV room to watch and snack while Father Seo-joon feeds everyone. As soon as Woo-shik appears on screen, they all focus on the drama.

During a scene with veteran actress Cha Mi Kyung, the actors all talk about working with her on different occasions. Seo-joon says that on the set of Itaewon-classshe talked about Hyung-sik, who she worked with on Juror 8. He must have made quite an impression because she congratulated him on Woo-shik as well.

They keep watching, telling and teasing Woo-shik. For wanting to avoid this moment, he seems to enjoy their absorption into the show. In the end, he unanimously declared the king of romantic comedy even as he talks about the difficulty in conveying emotion.

It’s a fairly technical discussion of finding the appropriate level of sentiment to portray a character. Seo-joon, perhaps particularly attentive among this group of young men, tells him that he’s getting old now if he can understand a character’s feelings. (I’m sure he meant more experienceright?)

Both Hyung-sik and Woo-shik agree that there’s a catharsis in acting out extreme reactions, releasing feelings that are a bit harsher and perhaps inappropriate to express in daily life. Seo-joon notes that Woo-shik inspires him as an actor, saying he has a perspective that Seo-joon doesn’t.

Finally at sea.

Woo-shik scoffs at first, but they go deep and eventually agree that there is a synergy between them that produces a positive effect. He goes on to talk about a time before they all connected, when it was just Seo-joon, Sung-hwan, and Woo-shik – and Seo-joon was struggling.

They agree that watching each other go through hardship has a benefit, helping them all mature and grow. Like group therapy, maybe. Seo-joon talks about Sung-hwan building his career on his own, working part-time to keep going.

Sung-hwan tells how he felt anxious at the time and how Seo-joon encouraged him. He said, ‘There is a time for a flower to bloom. You’re doing well. There will come a time for you too to flourish.

Seo-joon shares some wiser words about everyone having different starting points in a race, but the goal isn’t to win, it’s to finish. ‘What’s the point of being first?’ he waxes. Well said.

As a buffer to the sensitive discussion, they have the chance to meet J-hope via video call. Then the karaoke purge begins. In the mood for serious conversations, they sing sad songs and love songs, including “Snowflower” by V and Peakboy.

Finally exhausted and ready to rest, they push the beds together in one room to maximize group time. They chat, of course, instead of sleeping, talking about goals for 2022. Woo-shik says he’ll seek true happiness, admitting playing has become less fun. While Hyung-sik is eager for more challenging work.

Taehyung hopes he won’t be sad. The guys understand this and try to comfort him, as they notice his distress. He admits that 2021 has been disappointing and they are all cheering him on. Woo-shik is even putting off his own chance scheduled for 2022.

On the third day, after a vacation morning, two meals, and a makeup lesson from Seo-joon, they finally head to the sea. In the car, they decide to hike for their next trip and think about their lists. things to do.

Hyung-sik enjoys skydiving and heliskiing. Taehyung would like to live abroad. Sung-hwan wants to do a family portrait this year. Woo-shik is interested in directing and producing. The once-skeptical Seo-joon likes the idea, offering them to film and produce their backpacking trip.

Then we dive in again as Taehyung presses Seo-joon on his to-do list. Seo-joon admits he’s worried because he doesn’t want to do anything and everything feels like work. Sounds like the past few years to a lot of people, doesn’t it? He keeps wondering why he works so hard. Bazinga®. Here is the worldwide magic question.

They comfort him saying that it is important to rest. Which leads to thinking more about what it means to rest well. They have the idea that it’s about putting down your phone and getting real. It comes straight from the celebrities. Who among us puts down our gadgets often enough – or never? And become real? Simple not simple.

After lifting heavy internal loads, they land on the beach, delighted to see the sea in winter. Referring to the weather, Taehyung jokes that he had a great day, as it is their last together. Seeing a sense of healing, they agree that they will remember this trip for a long time.

The episode review

All in all, another night and another day of singing, laughing and soul-searching. While the gang considers viewers likely to think they don’t know how to have fun, what they reveal is so much more compelling and real. And in a way, relaxing.

The more they explore difficult topics and deep inner thoughts, the more assertive they feel on the other side of the screen. Yes, everyone is struggling and questioning their purpose – even the rich and famous. Even at the top of their game.

Because they’re not all in the same field, not all at the same level in their careers, and at different crossroads in their lives, you could easily be the 6th president and fit right in. You could talk about your own struggles, big or small, and they would all nod with you, possibly conveying heartfelt advice.

Such a rich episode, there’s a lot to explore here. Like when Woo-shik takes them all a step further on Taehyung’s silent reveal, commenting, “Taehyung is at an age where he has to overcome tough times and experiences, but I think we’ve seen it on our own. point of view.” He’s probably there.

Considering the moment – January 2022 – what could Taehyung’s mind be up to? Any regrets for his injury in October 2021 where he couldn’t perform fully live? Or maybe he’s already tuned into the progressive direction of conversations that may have caused BTS to take a break from group activities more recently?

All is forgiven, In the Soop: Friendcation. I take back everything I said in the Ep 1 review – from a slow start, it became super compelling and a massive dose of real (rather than reality).

I admit it. As a general rule, I resist reality shows. Because they are so contrived, always looking for an explosion. It feels cheap. However, I find myself smiling throughout Ep 3 as this collective of friends compassionately consider tangible topics.

Seriously, can anyone revise the format of reality TV? It’s much more interesting. Simon Cowell, I hope you take note! Drink it up, viewers, we only have one more episode to go.

Which conversation snippets struck a chord or made you smile? Which ideas rang the most true? Share in the comments section below.

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