Ekiti ranked first in US Women’s Equality Survey – The Sun Nigeria


By Priscilla Ediare Ado-Ekiti

Ekiti State has emerged as the top performing country in a women’s equality survey conducted by a US-based resource center, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS).

In the survey titled “Huge Disparities in Women’s Equality in Nigeria”, the Institute examined the role of women in building peace and growing economies based on data obtained from the country’s 36 states and of the CTF.

The report says that the best index scores are concentrated in the southern part of the country, with Ekiti State topping the subnational performance index.

According to the survey report obtained from the Institute’s website (https://giwips.georgetown.edu), Ekiti State was ranked first for representation of women in the Legislative Branch of Government with no less than four women in the state House of Assembly and one woman occupying one of three state-designated Senate seats in the National Assembly.

According to the ranking, Ekiti State had a WPS rating of 0.752, followed closely by Lagos State with 0.716.

The report also ranked Ekiti at 89.9% among women who participated in decision-making, 90.9% in mobile phone use and the lowest indexes of 0.059 in organized violence between 2010 and 2017.

“Ekiti, a resource-rich southwestern state, is the top performer on the subnational index, leading in mobile phone use by women and parliamentary representation,” the report said.

It should be recalled that the state government headed by Governor Kayode Fayemi has put in place several legislative and policy frameworks that guarantee women’s rights, welfare and ensure that a certain percentage of leadership positions are reserved for women. This step also produced the first female head of the state civil service since 1996, when the state was established.


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