Dream actor Park Seo-joon sparks controversy after old interview on his ‘ideal type’ surfaces online


Actor Park Seo-joon recently made headlines when it was revealed he would star in Captain Marvel 2. But days later, on June 28, the star’s former interview with his ideal partner caused a stir online.

The interview, quoted in online community Pann Nate, dates from 2014, when the actor was asked what his ideal partner must look like. His response was viewed by netizens as patriarchal, and some were even offended by what he said.

Park Seo-joon on her ideal type of mate

In the 2014 interview, Park Seo-joon said he would need someone at home to take care of his family. He said in the interview: “I grew up in a family like this, so I also think my children should be brought up by their mothers. I have heard that childhood forever shapes the point of a person’s view of life. It seems that unloved childhood leads to problematic adulthood. “

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His take on children who have working mothers is what really offended many, as he asserted, “Either he won’t have good social skills or he might end up being a criminal to be. extreme. I will be their good father figure, but children need their mother. It could be wrong, but for me, it is an answer now. “

Park Seo-joon on her partner’s physical traits that appeal to her

Even his response regarding the physical features of women who attracted him was considered controversial. He said, “I find women who spark my protective instinct attractive. I feel like if they’re tall they’re going to live well on their own. I like women who worry me. And skinny women have it. tend to be like that. “

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Netizens say ‘what an old patriarchal belief’ about Park Seo-joon’s ideal type

Among the many reactions to the post, several pointed out that they would no longer look at the Itaewon actor the same way. Park Seo-joon is one of the most popular Korean actors and is well known for his defined talent. One fan wrote: “LOL, I will never look at it the same SMH way again.”

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Another user referred to his comment on an unloved childhood and said, “How does a child with a working mother automatically lead to an unloved childhood? This is a big step forward.” One netizen also commented on Park Seo-joon: “I’m pretty sure not all of his fans had a childhood romance … He should have been more thoughtful with his words.”


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