Credit Card – Know the Advantages

Ever wonder what are the advantages of buying with a credit card? In Brazil about 44% of the population uses credit cards to make secure purchases, either on the internet or in physical stores. With this demand, financial institutions increase the benefits package for those who pay on credit daily. Advantages range from discounts on products and services to travel deals.

In the past, credit cards were available only to those who had a very high credit score or traveled a lot abroad. However, today these rules have changed and it is easier to apply for and use credit cards. It is possible to choose a card, flag, financial and even if it is for international or national use, all over the internet.


Advantages Of Having A Credit Card

There are numerous advantages to having and using credit cards nowadays, here are the main ones:

1. Internet shopping

1. Internet shopping

The internet brings the ease of buying products and receiving at home, for example. You can go grocery shopping, buy clothes, shoes, gifts, travel, medicine, hire services, and often for a lower price than in physical stores. With this, the simplest way to make these purchases is with a credit card. Since it is secure and the approval of the purchase is faster than other means of payment.


2. Secure Credit Card Purchases

2. Secure Credit Card Purchases

In both physical and internet stores your credit card purchases are recorded on internet banking and on the bank or card application. So you always have control of where it was used. Also, if you have something strange on your invoice, you can dispute the purchase with the financial. Another point is that you don’t have to carry money, which ensures you more security in public places and travel.


3. Installment without interest

Installment without interest

Many stores offer the option of paying interest-free installments, which can be great for more expensive purchases. You just need to track card spending so that your invoices don’t go beyond what you can afford.


4. Points program

credit loan

Most cards offer points program, this means that with every purchase you earn points! These points can be redeemed for products, movie and theater tickets, invoice discounts, airline tickets or services. It’s worth tracking your points and what you can earn from it!


5. Exclusive Credit Card Discounts

5. Exclusive Credit Card Discounts

A great option with unique advantages is the EVO Save Bank Credit Card . With it you have access to the Exclusive Offers Club , participate in the Rewards Program and be able to split your bill up to 18x.

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