Conductor and Adthena Form Strategic Partnership


Today, Conductor, the leading enterprise organic marketing technology, and Adthena, the leading paid search intelligence platform, announced a strategic partnership to deliver holistic search marketing intelligence solutions for corporate brands. Through this partnership, marketing teams will have access to unparalleled marketing insights and competitive intelligence across paid advertising and organic marketing channels. Brands will be able to make smarter investment decisions and maximize ROI with a complete view of their digital landscape.

With access to Conductor’s complete organic marketing solution for technical SEO, content optimization, content creation and SEO reporting and competitive analysis, strategic insights and expert research team Adthena’s paid-for service, current customers and new adopters will have stronger, more holistic intelligence to dominate their competitive landscapes.

“This collaboration is vital to the growth of the search marketing industry, as paid search and SEO are still ‘indispensable’ channels in times of uncertainty,” said Adthena COO, Sundeep Goel. “The value of Conductor’s enterprise SEO technology, combined with Adthena’s paid search intelligence and competitive analysis, will provide our joint customers with unparalleled strategic insights into their search performance.”

Paid search advertising and SEO have remained siled functions at many companies. With disparate data, information, and technology, enterprise marketing teams have long faced hurdles in maximizing their potential in search channels and creating efficiencies in paid and organic channels.

“By partnering with Adthena, Conductor continues its commitment that customers never compromise when it comes to accessing the best possible data, information and technology,” said Conductor CRO Tom Martin. . “With Adthena and Conductor together, marketers get a truly complete picture of their search landscape across organic and paid channels.”

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