ChannelDoubler Announces Advanced SEO eLearning Courses, an Extension of Powerful SEO Services


Complete WordPress Training Course – WooCommerce Website Creation and On-Page SEO

Small businesses and freelancers can now learn how to build an SEO website from start to finish, avoiding wasting time and money on mistakes and experiences.

We take great pride in creating a course that helps people build a decent online business from day one. Nowadays, no more waste of time and money is required.

– Christos Vasilopoulos, CEO

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 22, 2021 / – “Small businesses and freelancers can now learn how to build an SEO website from A to Z, avoiding wasting time and money on mistakes and experiences. In 2021, no need to waste time. The technology is available, and you just have to learn it properly.

The demanding online business environment requires specialist knowledge about the different parts of digital marketing. As generic knowledge is not directly applicable, the immediate need for targeted learning that can be put into practice increases rapidly.

With this in mind and emerging from the needs of their customers, Channeldoubler Ltd has announced its enhanced comprehensive offering SEO courses this solves this problem. With zero or basic knowledge of building an SEO website, anyone can learn how to build a complete SEO website from scratch. The course is very detailed, with full support for 12 months, and covers all the exact steps to launch an ecommerce website for organic ranking. It is suitable for anyone who wants to get it right or diagnose and fix things that are wrong.

The topics explain in detail, from choosing the right domain name, hosting, design and themes, to achieving step by step the keyword research and SEO structure necessary for proper on-page SEO. and its application to structure and content. Students learn how to write SEO content and check its validity. In the end, they have a complete SEO website, launched under their domain.

The SEO course solves one of the trickiest puzzles to launch a new website (blog, eshop, business or whatever). Most businesses start with the wrong website, and it’s only after 12 or 24 months that they find out why they’re not ranking in the search engines.

The entire Google SEO course is a time and money saver and one of the few to be so specialized, while also building on the real knowledge gained from providing search engine optimization services to many clients over the years. It provides all the steps (videos, texts, screenshots, online support) so that anyone can build whatever they want, from A to Z.

The course is far removed from any generic content or spatial information that can be found on the web in blog posts. It is a true asynchronous e-class, with tools on an online learning system with structured content. Since most people don’t know how to get from A to Z and fail, this course takes them step by step to learn all the details. At the end, the certification is also issued.

This is a course taught by professionals with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and web applications, aimed at educating more professionals.

On top of that, ChannelDoubler has created an online course just for content marketing. After building a decent SEO website for those who want to grasp all the details of the marketing part, with content, this is the next step.

Mr. Christos Vasilopoulos, CEO of ChannelDoubler, said: “We are extremely proud to create another product / service that helps people get ahead, based on WordPress and WooCommerce. We were among the first to create a comprehensive digital marketing course in 2011 in which many organizations and freelancers participated. Times specialization request. It was always like that, and since we do SEO and web development for our clients, we thought about transferring all that knowledge to others who want to get started. This is the key point. To start well and not to experiment for years. This waste of time and money is not necessary.

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