Broker Spotlight: Anthony Marguleas, Amalfi Estates


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Broker Spotlight: Anthony Marguleas, Amalfi Estates

Name: Antoine Marguleas

Title: Founder, owner of Amalfi Estates

Live: Founded in 1994

Location: Pacific Palisades, California

Rankings: No. 15 in Los Angeles Business Journal’s The best residential real estate agents in 2021, Actual trends 42nd mid-size team in the United States and 21st in California by volume (based on 2020 Actual trends data)

Team size: 9 officers plus four support staff

Transaction side: 181 sides for 2021

Sales volume: $471 million in 2021 and over $2 billion since inception

Why Anthony Marguleas is in the spotlight:

Since founding Amalfi Estates in the mid-1990s, Marguleas has grown it into one of Los Angeles’ leading independent real estate companies, with nearly $2 billion in real estate sales and a ranking in The WSJ top 25 national teams.

He was profiled by ABC Newsthe Good Life Network, The Wall Street Journal, consumer reports and the Los Angeles Times. He is co-author of California Real Estate Client Strategies and has lectured to thousands of students for UCLA’s Real Estate Principles course.

Marguleas is dedicated to giving back to the community, donating 10% of her commission from every sale to six charities: Make-a-Wish, Wags and Walks, American Cancer Society, Heal The Bay, The People Concern which helps homelessness and Homeboy. Industries. A cancer survivor himself, he and his team have donated more than $2 million since 2015, helping more than 50,000 families.

What do you wish more people knew about working in real estate?

It can’t be done on a part-time basis and you need to put in 60-80 hours a week to be successful. It’s not as easy as reality TV shows make it out to be.

What are 5 things you would like readers to know about you and your brokerage?

  1. We donate 10% of our commission to charity and have helped 50,000 families over the past six years through our charity initiative, totaling $2,000,000 to our six charity partners.
  2. I am a social introvert and find it difficult to socialize in groups.
  3. I’ve never done door knocking or cold calling.
  4. I had a rare cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma, when I was 26 and was given a slim chance of survival. Received radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.
  5. I ended up marrying my oncology nurse.

Tell us about a highlight of your brokerage career.

Our amazing team of nine business partners donated $500,000 to charity last year, which has:

  • 42,687 meals for the homeless via The People Concern
  • 118 cancer patients and their caregiver received 1 week of accommodation while receiving oncology treatments through the American Cancer Society
  • 154 gang members had their tattoos removed so they could get jobs through Homeboy Industries
  • 246 dogs were rescued and cared for through Wags and Walks
  • 8 wishes have been granted to children with terminal or very serious illnesses via Make a Wish
  • 2,045 pounds of trash was removed from the California coast via Heal the Bay

Additionally, last year we sold the most expensive home ever at auction, the Heart Estate, for $63.1 million.

What is your best prediction for 2022?

With the decline in transaction volume and the increase in the number of new agents, many part-time agents will leave the company.

Name 3 people you admire and tell us why.

  1. Elon Musk: He’s brilliant and through his various businesses he’s made a real difference in the world trying to solve global issues like climate change and traffic jams.
  2. Verl Workman (Founder of Workman Success): She has a positive attitude, great energy and is always looking to create products to improve the lives of agents.
  3. Guy Gal (founder of SIDE): He’s a real visionary. Guy and his partners created a business model that had never existed before. He can see the big picture and articulate his ideas in a way that many others cannot.

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