Best States for Business: How Colorado Ranks


ACROSS COLORADO – CNBC this week released its annual ranking of the best states for business, which examines how well Colorado and other states are successful in attracting and promoting business ownership and operations.

Colorado ranked among the best, ranking 8th out of 50 states.
To rank this year’s best states for business, CNBC scored the 50 states on 85 different metrics in 10 categories. Categories ranged from access to capital to cost of doing business to cost of living.

This year, CNBC added a new category for Life, Health and Inclusion, which replaced Quality of Life to include new metrics on every state’s battle against COVID-19, healthcare in general and corporate push for inclusion.

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Each category has been given a weight according to the force with which states push it in their economic development marketing. CNBC determined this by analyzing each state’s economic development website. If, for example, more states offer their low trading costs, the cost of doing business earns more possible points.

Colorado received scores in all 10 categories. Here is how our state behaved in each of them:

Cost of doing business


Life, health and inclusion



Business friendliness

Access to capital

Technology and innovation


Cost of life


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