Best Grocery Store Hot Sauce Brands, Ranked


The rise in popularity of Sriracha by Huy Fong Foods in the United States is similar in some ways to the rise of La Croix sparkling water. Both have names with global appeal while being based and manufactured in the United States. Some people don’t know that La Croix is ​​from Wisconsin, not France, and Sriracha operates in Los Angeles County. Neither are exactly what we’d call “health foods,” but both are popular for capturing the zeitgeist and offering quirky takes on what’s now a pantry staple.

Fortune reports that the brand’s owner, a Vietnamese refugee who moved to California, calls his recipe an “American Sriracha” based on a Thai style. Call it what you will, but this Sriracha has been a hit worldwide, including in Asia. Instacart even named Sriracha a game-changing sauce for American palates and the most purchased hot sauce in the country.

But does Huy Fong Foods Sriracha stand up to the hype? After all these years, we have to say that this grocery store hot sauce still delivers a slow burn and complex flavor, especially compared to the simplicity of the Louisiana styles on this ranking. Yes, we could do without thickeners and preservatives. But, even complaints about the 70 milligrams of salt per serving aren’t close to the highest in our rankings. From a distance, this sweet sauce knocks it out of the park. We love adding it to ramen, burgers, dumplings and, really, everything.


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