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When startups start to operate, owners typically aim to grow their business and gain a large customer base. Of course, these are the goals of every business, regardless of size. While many startups start out with the same goals, only a few can achieve them. Why? They all invest in products and services and are motivated and ambitious to succeed. However, too many startups never reach their peak. Investments have to be smart to be profitable. Some business owners invest a lot but still don’t see noticeable results.

The role of digital marketing is huge today, especially for start-ups.

The role of digital marketing today is huge, especially for small businesses. Large businesses can rely on word of mouth marketing strategies and their long standing reputation to attract new customers, even without sufficient marketing coverage. Startups, however, cannot rely solely on word of mouth and similar marketing methods. Instead, they need a fast yet effective branding strategy that can quickly grab target audiences to give themselves a powerful boost that will bring opportunities and help their business grow.

Digital Marketing – Effective Practices For Positive Results
Entrepreneurs know that without effective online marketing, the road to success is slow, expensive, and the results uncertain. So even established businesses hire digital marketers to promote their products and services. As the competition becomes stiff, it also becomes more difficult to develop the digital presence, as different strategies are regularly used to reach new audiences. That being said, it’s crucial to hire a digital agency that continually develops and introduces new practices to keep clients ahead of their competition.

Who are we?
Digital Zoo is a digital marketing company specializing in SEO and content marketing. Based in Hong Kong, our services are also available to clients around the world. We have tried to make a difference in digital marketing. With outstanding results based on smart techniques and constant service development, our team of experts never stays in the comfort zone of traditional advertising methodologies and marketing practices. To achieve better marketing results, we amalgamate content, keywords and user experience, creating new strategies that push startups to the top of Google search results. Although this is a difficult goal for new businesses, we have succeeded in achieving it.

Marketing campaign that puts new sites at the top of the Google search engine results page (SERP)
For the YAS campaign, we spent eight months improving the company’s SEO with the goal of bringing 100% traffic growth to the client’s website. Our team also aimed to have over 90 keywords ranked on the first page of Google search results by the end of the contract period with YAS. This goal would ensure that the client’s website ranks in the top 10 positions in the industry (travel / insurance).

Combined SEO and content marketing strategy
Link building, domain authority score and site auditing are the foundations of our SEO campaigns. These technical factors are important and they greatly influence SEO rankings. However, since most sites now focus only on these aspects, standing out by only working on the areas mentioned is extremely difficult. For this reason, we combine SEO with content marketing strategies.

digital zoo pic2YAS is a microinsurance services startup

For YAS, the SEO content marketing strategy included engaging topics related to microinsurance, writing guides, a specific number of articles posted on the client’s website each month, intense keyword research, and a litter, among others.

By posting blog posts that are keyword rich but also informative, focused and original, we have attracted visitors to read, view and share website content. Search engines recognized the quality of the content, and readers found useful information that was not just promotional. We have generated articles that have sparked people’s interest in purchasing microinsurance plans. They searched for specific answers or information regarding the domain, and YAS gave them everything they needed without putting services in the foreground. However, the quality of the content encouraged readers to learn more about the company, resulting in increased traffic and demand for service for YAS.

What does the public need?
Our Digital Zoo marketing campaign for YAS began with the idea of ​​reaching people in need of microinsurance. The target audience was a group of Hong Kong people open to new adventures and making life decisions based on knowledge. Before making an important decision, they do extensive research, and that’s when the Google search engine plays its part: it gives them the answers they need.

By reaching the top of Google’s SERP, YAS could be the company that provides them with solutions without asking for anything in return. They give these answers by posting informative blog posts on the website. Using the combination of SEO and content marketing techniques, we acted both actively and passively. Keywords and technical SEO practices pushed YAS into the top Google search results, which was an active way to reach potential customers. However, the content they were reading did not aggressively invite them to hire YAS. Instead, he provided them with useful information about microinsurance, which was a passive way of attracting new clients. The results were amazing: people were interested in contacting the YAS team and requested their services because of the good impression of the blog posts.

digital zoo 3
Digital Zoo is a digital marketing company specializing in SEO and content marketing.

Marketing planning and execution
Digital Zoo worked closely with the client throughout the project. In the YAS campaign, the client created articles while we were responsible for SEO, proofreading, fact checking, and strategy review. So, with efforts from both sides, the blog posts were keyword-laden, informative, and engaging.

During the eight-month campaign period, we had weekly meetings with YAS to analyze strategies, implement them and monitor results. Every Monday, Digital Zoo shared SEO industry updates with YAS, discussed potential changes and improvements, including installing the FAQ schema on the website, adding the table of contents, the roadmap, etc. By observing the traffic flow, we identified the factors that attracted visitors and the factors that weren’t too influential. As a result of these reports, the website’s SEO gradually improved, as did the traffic.

image 4

Digital Zoo has created content on various topics for YAS.

End results of SEO and content marketing strategy
At the start of the campaign, the YAS website was only two or three months old. The odds of a new website ranking in Google’s top 10 microinsurance results were very low. However, the powerful strategy which included the combination of SEO and content marketing practices guaranteed exceptional results.

Since September 2020, the YAS site has recorded 2,250 visits per day. The campaign as a whole recorded more than 34,000 visits to the website. In October 2020, at the end of the campaign contract, Digital Zoo helped YAS rank 339 keywords in Google’s Top 10 SERP with 116 optimized posts. The KPI at the start of the collaboration was more than keywords; We exceeded the objectives which seemed ambitious at the beginning, validating the effectiveness of our campaign.

The constructive digital marketing campaign helped YAS reach the target audience in the first few months of the website launch. By catching the attention of potential customers, the company quickly grew its digital presence, which generated profits and strengthened brand building. For start-ups, such a result is ideal. This gives them the stable basis necessary for their future development.

With a creative and innovative strategy, we proudly participate in the success of our clients. In addition to increasing their website traffic, we offer a diverse set of services for sustainable online advertising and international brand building. Business owners determined to utilize the benefits of online marketing can come to us for a personalized marketing strategy that will strongly influence their profits and business prospects.

image 5
Digital Zoo received the DigiZ Awards for the best SEO campaign.

Thanks to the YAS team and the Digital Zoo team!

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