Atlanta Surpasses Chicago As Best Vacation Spot For “Cold Lovers,” According To Rankings – NBC Chicago


The Chicago area is a popular tourist attraction during the summer months, but according to a new ranking, the city and surrounding suburbs hold up well even when the mercury dips in the dead of winter.

The ranking, published by mainstream website WalletHub, ranks the Chicago area as the sixth best “winter vacation destination for cold lovers.”

The website ranking was calculated based on several factors including travel costs and local costs, attractions and, of course, the weather. The rankings then grouped the cities into “hot” or “cold” categories, using flight data, safety indicators and weather forecasts.

Almost 70 of the country’s largest metropolitan areas were included in the ranking, according to WalletHub.

The city of Atlanta, along with the suburbs of Sandy Springs and Alpharetta, was ranked as the top “cold weather” destination during the winter. Washington DC recorded at No. 2, with the New York-Newark metropolitan area finishing third.

St. Louis represented the Midwest’s best player in fourth place, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, was fifth.

Naperville and Elgin were also included in the Chicago metro area for ranking purposes.

According to the rankings, Chicago ranks sixth in the country in terms of travel costs and hassle, but has suffered greatly from local costs, ranking 28e in the nation. The city also ranked 23rd in terms of weather, but more than made up for in terms of attractions, finishing in second place, just behind New York.

In terms of warm winter destinations, Austin, TX came in first with Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas and Houston completing the top five.


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