An audience editor for Metro


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Jennie Coughlin, Editor-at-Large of the Audience Team, has joined Metro as its first full-time Audience Editor.

In this new role, Jennie will work closely with editors and reporters to ensure we have a smart and robust audience strategy. She will provide regular audience reports, connecting our office with frequent information that will help us better understand our readers. Jennie will develop audience plans for big stories, events and ongoing features. She will also work with us to grow our readership for the New York Today newsletter and plan ahead for major events like local and state elections.

Jennie has barely been on the job for a month, but she’s already started to make an impact on the office, broadening our field of view in the mornings with Metro-specific audience analytics and generally just being a knowledgeable voice. in our daily meetings, suggesting strategic moves. like evergreen articles and publication deadlines for maximum SEO

Jennie will be fully dedicated to Metro in this new role, but will still meet regularly with her Audience colleagues to keep us up to date with the latest tools and techniques from the Audience team.

As a member of the Audience SEO team for several years, Jennie has had a huge impact. Jennie led SEO trainings throughout the newsroom, honing our collective understanding of how major search engines work and bringing our news to the surface. She developed the SEO strategy for Metro’s major lawsuits, but has also been a key factor in our research success on all major storylines over the past few years. And Jennie was the morning engine of the audience team, linking up with the night and London teams and starting the day for the entire audience apparatus.

The audience team will miss Jennie in her daily life, but look forward to having an even stronger bridge to the subway office.

We are thrilled to have someone as experienced and collaborative as Jennie join the office. Please join us in welcoming him to the team.

—Jim, Hannah and Judy


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