Alexa Bliss’ Best Career Looks, Ranked


Every once in a while, a competitor rises in WWE far beyond what was most expected. When Alexa Bliss started out in NXT, she was doing a silly “fairy princess” thing, along with blowing “dust” on the fans. She then became responsible for heels for Blake and Murphy before joining the main roster. Since then, Bliss has been one of WWE’s most successful women, two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, three-time RAW Women’s Champion, two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion, and more.

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Bliss is amazing, from her high-flying moves to managing wrestlers to knocking out competitors bigger and stronger than her. But she also caught the eye for her fantastic outfits. A lifelong Disney fan, Bliss can incorporate fun cosplays based on Disney characters as well as great looks all her own. Some are just for one night, while others are longer term, but they all suit Bliss, especially when she has a title belt around her waist. These are 10 of Bliss’ best outfits, showing that her ring style can often top her big matches.


ten Hybrid return

After some time after Bray Wyatt’s departure and the end of the “Fiend” look, Bliss made a brief comeback in 2022 with a unique mix of past looks. She had the doll on but seemed brighter with a big smile, and her hair was a bit more blown out with pink streaks.

Her outfit retained some of the “corset” look from the Fun House, but also the bright style that Bliss had used before and the dark colors were a good mix. It was a quick win over Sonya DeVille and while Bliss awaits a full comeback, this outfit shows she still has a style unlike anyone in WWE.

9 Maleficent

It may be more elaborate than her usual outfits, but it was a fun trick from Bliss. For WrestleMania 34, Bliss stepped into the ring wearing an outfit inspired by the classic Disney villain Maleficent. The silver crown and metallic cape made her look almost regal as she walked with Mickie James to confront Nia Jax.

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The regular purple suit also suited her as Bliss looked terrific, although Nia ended up shaking her like a rag doll on her way to winning the RAW Women’s Title. Still, the Wicked Witch was a good fit for Bliss’ character for this battle.

8 Cross matching

One of the highlights of Bliss’ career was her eccentric tag team with Nikki Cross. Despite little in common, the pair clicked brilliantly as the Women’s Tag Team Champions and had a blast joking around. Bliss modified her outfit, which included fun t-shirts that mixed her image with Cross.

It looked better when Cross wore a matching outfit with Bliss’s name on it and color-matched to boot. Styles could be fun in t-shirt fonts and made this partnership a delightful one.

seven The Riddler

Wrestlers also pull out some great outfits at WrestleMania and Bliss is no exception. For the big six-woman challenge at WrestleMania 33, Bliss wore an outfit inspired by the classic Batman villain, the Riddler. It was actually going to be more egregious with question marks, but apparently there was concern that it might be brand infringing.

So, Bliss wore a greenish tint with a mix of purple and blue, but it worked beautifully. She lost the belt to Naomi, but Bliss won with the outfit.

6 pink and black

We don’t know if it’s a tribute or just Bliss with her own style. At first glance, wearing pink and black together seems like a tribute to Bret Hart, who wore these colors with pride. They were used by Natalya, so Bliss wearing them can be seen as mocking the opponent.

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But it also suited Bliss, especially when she added pink streaks to her blonde hair to match the look. She’s had the look many times and it’s a good fit for her as Bliss rocks hearts with a mix of fun colors.

5 iron woman

A carryover from his NXT days, this first main roster outfit obviously mimics the armored Avenger’s red and gold look. It’s a bit more revealing than Bliss’ other outfits, showing a lot of her midriff and quite tight but the coloring is doing well, especially when she was on the RAW mark.

She would ditch it for different colors, but it suited her well as Bliss began her rise from manager to serious wrestler and the RAW Women’s title belt was a great addition to this fun outfit.

4 chucky

Before taking on her nutty persona with Bray Wyatt, Bliss played on the supernatural aspects with another cosplay of a horror movie character. The popular Chucky franchise has included several movies and a TV show, focusing on a murderous doll that comes to life.

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She thus wears the top of the overalls with “Bad Gal” which perfectly matches her character and even the red cuffs to match Chucky. Again, she didn’t dye her hair to match the doll’s red appearance, but it still worked to show how well Bliss impersonates these characters.

3 Freddy Kruger

It’s a quirky outfit, but it certainly worked for Bliss. For a special SmackDown Halloween, Bliss dressed up as the iconic villain from Robert Englund’s horror movie with the red and black ripped sweater and that infamous metal glove.

Her long blonde hair was very different from Freddy Krueger as she thankfully avoided trying to imitate the madman’s burnt face. Still, that wicked smile suited Freddy well, and Bliss did her best to make it a stellar showcase for her talents.

2 super girl

The nickname for this outfit, which Bliss usually wore on SmackDown, is obviously based on the iconic DC character. The top even mimics the famous “S” shield only with Bliss’ face. The wraparound “collar” is good and the color blends beautifully on her.

This was backed up when she got the SmackDown title belt to display with her pose. It matched Bliss’ power being stronger than her small frame would indicate and why she became a WWE star.

1 harley quinn

This is one of the most iconic outfits in Bliss’ set and one that she doesn’t like to mess with. She’s done a few tricks on it, but it stands out because she really looks like the Joker’s psycho girlfriend. Indeed, her “Broken” persona plays more into it, but this outfit looks awesome, with the odd “wand” and pigtails matching Bliss’ look.

This is the outfit that started boosting Bliss on the main roster and showed off her flair for cosplay mix-ups. This clicks beautifully and helped her main event flow and once again how Bliss cosplays also work perfectly as actual wrestling outfits.


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