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Wimbledon 2022

The French player began her journey at the All England Club against Serena Williams. Here you can know everything about his profile like his age, height, trainer, ranking and net worth.

Harmony Tan of France during her women's singles first round match
© Clive Brunskill/Getty ImagesHarmony Tan of France during her women’s singles first round match

Harmony Tan has just made a name for himself in the world of tennis by beating Serena Williams in the first round of Wimbledon edition 2022. However, that’s just a tiny bit of Tan’s tennis career, check out his full profile.

In fact, Harmony Tan starred in the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledonand the WE Open during his tenyear tennis career. Additionally, Tan won eight career simple securities and won a career double Title on the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour.

Moreover, just a few months ago, she was classified 90th to Women Tennis Association Ranking, being his highest career finish. In fact, since 2020Tan has progressed by at least 100 places be among the first 120 better tennis women players in the world.

How old is Harmony Tan?

Harmony Tan was born on September 11, 1997 in Paris, France. She is a 24 yearold tennis player whose parents are Chinese Cambodian and Vietnamese inheritance. Despite this, Tan represents France in the Women Tennis Association rankings.

How tall is Harmony Tan?

Like a woman, Harmony sunbathe is not short. Tan is a 6ft 6in French playeran average for Women’s Tennis Association players. However, due to her heritage, Tan could be a big woman among her multicultural family.

Who is Harmony Tan’s trainer?

Harmony Tan is trained by Natalie Tauziat, a former French player. Tauziat’s career highs were also finalists in the 1998 Wimbledon Championships. Moreover, Tauziat is also the coach of the Canadian tennis player White Andreescu.

Harmony Tan’s WTA Ranking

Harmony Tan has been playing tennis since she was 14 years old. According to the WTA Tour website, in her career she holds a record of 247 wins and 207 losses. Therefore, Tan is currently No. 115 to Women Tennis Association Ranking.

What is Harmony Tan’s net worth?

According to the WTA Tour website, Tan has won a total of $908,860 in prizes thanks to his tennis career. Therefore, his current net worth is approximately $1 million in total. This is due to undisclosed endorsement deals she has with several sports brands.


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